Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes

can dogs eat mashed potatoes

Potato is a very widely used item around the world for daily needs. Most people have made it a helpful meal due to its availability and taste. You will find mashed potatoes in most restaurants among the high-selling platters. The question is, “Can dogs eat mashed potatoes?”

In particular, your dogs may get no significant nutritional benefit from eating mashed potatoes. But mashed potato will be a helpful substitute for your dog’s daily meal. Mashed or mashed potatoes are straightforward to make using boiled or steamed potatoes.

There are numerous sayings about eating mashed potatoes and their health benefits to human beings. Similarly, the application of mashed potatoes to dogs is still raising issues. Some people say that having mashed is not beneficial to dogs, but some people find it useful.

In this article, we will identify whether mashed potatoes are good or bad for the health of your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes

The answer to “Can dogs eat mashed potatoes?” is not simple. You need to identify the potential health benefits and risk factors of mashed potatoes for your dogs. So many research findings on the internet say that mashed potatoes are safe for dogs without mixing harmful ingredients.

In particular, serving mashed potatoes to your dogs without seasoning is entirely safe for dogs. In addition, too much of a good thing may not benefit your dogs. It would help to be careful about how much mashed potatoes you will serve your dog.

can dogs eat mashed potatoes

To get a clear understanding, you should consider the pros and cons of serving mashed potatoes to your dogs. In this article, we will identify and explain the benefits and risk factors of consuming mashed potatoes by dogs.

How do dogs benefit from eating mashed potatoes?

There are different types of mashed potatoes available in the market. But it would be best if you were cautious about selecting your dogs’ classes. In addition, you may prepare mashed potatoes at home. Different types of mashed potatoes include garlic mashed potatoes, sweet mashed potatoes, instant and baked mashed potatoes and gravy mashed potatoes.

All types of mashed potatoes are not safe for dogs. You need to select the perfect one based on the health condition of your dog. There are some health benefits of mashed potatoes for your dog, which we may list as follows-

Vitamins C:

Mashed potatoes without seasoning are rich in vitamin C, which is very beneficial for your dog’s immune system. In addition, vitamin C helps boost your dog’s energy and nervous system. It also helps absorb iron, which strengthens your dogs’ bones and joints.

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 helps to provide new protein in your dog’s body. In particular, a lack of vitamin B6 may lead to anaemia, kidney stones and poor growth.


Mashed potatoes are a great source of minerals. Remarkably, magnesium and phosphorus in mashed potatoes help absorb calcium in your dog’s body, which is a vital ingredient for growth. In addition, potassium, manganese, niacin and folate present in mashed potato help to function the organs correctly.

Benefit the dogs with diarrhoea:

Although it is not a direct medication, plain mashed potatoes do have some benefits for dogs suffering from diarrhoea. Plain mashed potatoes are unlikely to cause any irritation in your dog’s stomach; hence, they would not create any gastrointestinal difficulties.

Is it wrong for dogs to eat mashed potatoes?

Although mashed potatoes have some health benefits, you need to be careful about the health hazards to your dogs after consuming them. In particular, if you serve mashed potatoes to your dogs without knowing the potential risk factors, you may suffer as well as your dog.

can dogs eat mashed potatoes

In most cases, risk depends on the volume of mashed potatoes and how they are processed for your dogs. So, selecting the right amount and the recipe are vital for your dog’s health. In this portion, we will discuss about the potential risk factors of having mashed potatoes with your dog.

Too much eating is harmful:

Like any other food, too much eating of mashed potatoes may lead to stomach problems for your dog. In particular, overeating may cause diarrhoea and vomiting, weakening your dog. Mashed potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and calories, which means it is easier to consume more by your dog and get obese.

Extra Ingredients:

Any extra ingredients mixed with mashed potatoes may make it toxic for your dogs. In particular, if the mashed potatoes contain butter, milk and any other fatty item, it will make your dog’s stomach volatile. Lactose-intolerant dogs are not good with the things that contain milk and milk-type ingredients.

Increase Sugar Level:

Dogs with diabetes should avoid having mashed potatoes regularly since they contain sugar. For those who are concerned about the obesity and sugar level of their dog, you should think twice before serving mashed potatoes to your dog.

How can I serve mashed potatoes to my dog?

Plain mashed potatoes are safe for your dogs without health issues. But you still need to know the proper way to feed your dog mashed potatoes. Raw potatoes contain solanine, known for its toxic nature, so you should avoid giving raw potatoes to your dog.

Since overeating may create stomach problems, you should give mashed potatoes to your dog moderately. Please don’t make it a regular meal like any other because it is unsuitable for your dog to eat mashed potatoes daily.

Remember that your dog does not taste similar to mashed potatoes like you. You may add salt and other spices to taste it better, but it is unsuitable for your dog. So don’t add any salt and spices to mashed potatoes.

In addition, please don’t add any butter, cheese, bacon or other high-fat items with mashed potatoes for your dog because it will lead to obesity. Avoid the instant and frozen mashed potatoes available in supermarkets that may contain extra ingredients.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on “Can dogs eat mashed potatoes?”

Is eating mashed potatoes safe for dogs?

Yes, mashed potatoes are safe for dogs, but you should be careful about the volume and the way of preparing mashed potatoes. Any additions and overeating may cause serious health issues.

How much mashed potatoes can I serve to my dog?

It depends on the health condition of your dog. If your dog has obesity and diabetes, it is not good to have mashed potatoes. For safety, you should start with a small amount of mashed potatoes and increase gradually up to a specific limit if there are no side effects.

Can dogs eat mashed potatoes regularly?

It is not good to have mashed potatoes regularly by your dog because it may create health issues. In particular, regular consumption may lead to obesity and diabetes in your dog.

What are the health benefits of mashed potatoes for my dog?

Mashed potatoes contain vitamin C. Vitamin B6, potassium and other minerals, which help develop your dog’s immune system. In addition, these nutrients will increase the energy level of your dog and make your dog lively and playful.

Final Words

Before answering the question, “Can dogs eat mashed potatoes?” Consider the pros and cons of having mashed potatoes with your dog. Having mashed potatoes by your dog has certain health benefits, but you can only serve it occasionally.

In particular, before introducing a new food item to your dog, you must be very careful because the outcome will be fatal if you avoid the health concerns. That’s why it is good to research mashed potatoes thoroughly. It will help you to decide on the feeding of mashed potatoes to your dog.