6 Unpleasant Summer Situations To Call An Electrical Contractor

6 Unpleasant Summer Situations To Call An Electrical Contractor

Summers are filled with dips in the pool, frozen treats, and constant air conditioning. Such activities might cause a power struggle in your household. You have to check them out to keep things cool. You will appreciate knowing a Sacramento electrical contractor to come and look out for any problems with your electrical system. Some of these might include:

Tripped circuit breakers

Using the air conditioner or ceiling fan on a circuit whose limit is close might lead to overloading. Turn off some devices to determine this. Perhaps the circuit breaker tripped when you turned on the vacuum, coffee maker, or microwave. Move some devices to other circuits or just run each device at a different time. The best solution is to call a professional electrical instructor to inspect your home. This will determine whether the wiring is obsolete and requires fixing.

Perhaps you have an older home not designed to meet the electrical needs of a modern family lifestyle. Today, people need outlets everywhere for charging their smart devices with various circuits for all appliances. The older generation only used electricity to power lamps, radio, and a television. Modern homes have various electrical needs to power things like computers and entertainment centers in most rooms in the home. A professional electrical engineer will determine whether you need more circuits or to rewire your home to meet safety standards.

Worn-out extension cords

As noticed earlier, modern living requires having appropriate outlets in a home to meet the various electrical needs. When you don’t have enough, extension cords offer a good solution. However, it is not good to bury them under the rugs and carpets. The cords are prone to wearing out or getting damaged unnoticed. Run your hands over the cords. Unplug them when you feel warmth or heat. It is a sign of damage. Call one of the best electrical contractors in Sacramento to come and discover the source of the problem. this will protect your home from a fire or electrical shocks.

Ceiling fans running backward

A ceiling fan normally turns counter clockwise when looking up at it. This allows it to pull down air. However, your ceiling fans might begin running backward when not on for some time. Clean it well and clean the light shades while the fan is powered to reverse direction. When away, turn off the fan since it doesn’t maintain the temperature in any way. It works by offering a cooling sensation on your skin by moving air across it. Call a professional electrical engineer to help fix your fans and to replace the older bulbs with LED options for energy efficiency.

Dimming lights

Another situation when to call a professional electrical technician is when your lights dim on turning on the air conditioner. It is a sign that your electrical system has a malfunction. The engineer will inspect your AC to see its interaction with your home electrical system. The technician might fix the issues by cleaning the AC or changing the coolant. Hesitating to call a professional might make the AC trip the circuit breaker driving up energy costs to get the extra power to use your appliances.


There is usually more demand for power by everyone putting a strain on the power company supply’s capacity. This might cause a brownout. You can tell that this is about to happen when your lights begin to flicker and the appliances begin groaning. Lessening this takes the effort of everyone household in the society. This might require doing chores like laundry and vacuuming late in the evening when other people are done. Doing more energy-consuming tasks at the same time puts a strain on power supply hence the brownout.

Power outages

Summer is usually beautiful weather with a lot of activities to indulge in. However, summer might also attract thunderstorms, strong winds, and lightning. Strong winds might damage electrical wires especially those outside your home disrupting power supply in your home. Lighting and thunderstorms might cause sudden power blackouts leading to overloading. This might cause considerable damage to your electrical appliances in your home.

In such situations, attempting to restore electrical installations with DIY methods is a bad idea. You risk getting electrocuted or causing a fire. The solution is to call a professional and experienced electrical contractor with the right skills and experience to fix the issue. After inspection, the contractor will identify the source of the problem and offer an effective solution. This might include installing a surge protector or power regulator to protect your appliances.

Final thoughts

Electricity is essential in modern living. Apart from powering light bulbs, television, and radio, electricity today powers various smart gadgets, manages home safety, and even for charging vehicles. This makes it very important to always have electrical installations in good order. It lessens inconveniences, fire hazards, and limits shock to keep everyone at home safe and happy throughout the summer.