Self Introduction for interview: How to present yourself better?

self introduction for interview

You must have heard the phrase, “The first impression is the last impression.” This phrase is essential in the context of an interview. Do most people worry about how to start an interview introduction? Or how to prepare themselves for the part of self introduction for the interview. You don’t need to worry as preparing yourself before the interview can eliminate the awkwardness in this phase of the interview.

Self introduction for an interview is an essential part of the interview as it helps the interviewer know a lot about the candidate. What you say at this stage can make a significant impact on the minds of the interviewer.

In this article, we will not only discuss the self-introduction part, but we will also provide you tips to present yourself.

Best self introduction for interview tips

These tips mentioned in this article are best for job seekers as well as for self introduction for students. Little things like self-introduction and presentation can make a significant impact on your success. Thus, follow these tips to present yourself in the best way possible.

Introduction at the arrival

When you arrive at the interview site, you may have to give a self-introduction to the receptionist. Make sure to greet the person with a warm smile and state your name by telling him/her the reason for your visit. For people who are conscious about how to start an interview introduction? Try to start preparing for your introduction at the reception. You can’t neglect this step, as many managers ask the receptionist about the candidate’s first impression. Try to be confident but stay courteous when you meet the person in the reception area.


Meeting the hiring manager.

Self-introduction for an interview with the hiring manager is different as compared to self-introduction with any other person. Even though the hiring manager must have gone through your resume, make sure to introduce yourself before you take a seat for the interview. You can also shake hands with the hiring as shaking hands is a true sign of confidence. Tell the hiring manager that it was a pleasure meeting him. Have proper eye contact and keep a lovely smile on your face.

A short and concise introduction

You don’t have to speak about your past, present, and future when giving a self introduction for an interview. Make sure to keep the self-introduction part short and concise. Your core focus should be on speaking about your background. Try to have a high pitch when you are introducing yourself. Look in the eyes of the interviewer and sit in a comfortable position. Also, use CV templates, and add as much information as possible to make your resume more attractive and interesting.

If you have gone through the skills and qualifications for the job position, make sure to frame your self-introduction part in the same format.

Dressing and presentation

Dressing up appropriately is as important as giving the best self-introduction. You don’t have to get new clothes every time you take an interview. Try to dress appropriately, and it should be as per the type of interview you are taking. Make sure to wear well-ironed clothes. Your shoes need to be polished and get ready with well-combed hair.

Women should not apply too much makeup and avoid wearing bright color clothes for an interview.

Try to have a well-prepared answer in your mind about how you are going to introduce yourself. This way, you won’t get anxious about the interview. Try to stay as calm as possible. If you feel nervous, it will reflect on your face and body language.

Focus on your qualification

No matter if you need to prepare a self introduction for students or a job interview, make sure to focus on your qualifications. You can start your introduction by giving a recap of your stuff and experience in the past. You can also include a few points that are not part of your job. This way, the interviewer will try to get to know you in a better way. For example, if you are a gamer, you can also include a point that says that you can call me a gamer at heart, although I am a software engineer by profession. Introductions like this open up avenues for other questions. Try not to be too nervous when speaking, speak professionally, but be normal as you remain in front of your friends.

Follow-up questions

Most people worry about the follow-up questions by the interviewer. Well, You will undoubtedly get follow-up questions after you introduce yourself. Thus, please prepare yourself for the follow-up questions too. Once you are preparing for your interview at your home, make a list of follow up questions that the interviewer can ask.

You can also ask your friends and family members in preparing to follow up questions. Preparing beforehand will give you an advantage as you would already be prepared to answer accordingly.

When the interviewer throws follow up questions, make sure to answer them in a detailed manner. Never give answers in “yes” and “no” format. Answering in yes and no format shows that you are not interested in the interview or have sufficient knowledge to answer questions.

Manners matter a lot.

Manners are essential for school students, but it is also essential in an interview. No matter where you are working, you need to showcase professionalism at each stage of the interview. From greeting the receptionist to saying thank you to the interviewer at the last part, make sure to maintain professionalism. Try not to speak too loud when you are answering.

Every part of your behavior should show that you are ready for the job. Most people don’t get selection in an interview as they don’t maintain proper body language. Try to preserve interview etiquette properly.

Self introduction for interview: Bottomline

No doubt, interviews are stressful. But, if you prepare well, you won’t have to face any issues. All you need to do is follow these tips and stay calm and composed. Don’t stress about the result of the interview before giving interviews as it will make you anxious.

Follow all these tips for the best self introduction for an interview. Let us know if you want to get more tips.