Why Spun Content that Passed Plagiarism Test is Still Bad

Content Passed Plagiarism Test

If you want to know whether the content that you have paraphrased with an online article spinner has value or not, then you have landed in the right place. Let’s see why spun content that passed the plagiarism test is still bad.

In this short post, we will tell you about what spun content is and how it is still considered bad after being a powerful plagiarism checker like Copyscape. 

What is spun content?

Those of you who are not familiar with spun content should know that this content is digitally rewritten by a third party rewriter tool. There are many article spinner tools listed on the web that can help you paraphrase online within seconds. Still, the spun content is not as valuable as you think it is.

Usually, articles are spun by bloggers who want to create multiple versions of their original content. The online article spinner can indeed write the content so that plagiarism is removed in the new versions. Still, uniqueness is not only what the search engines value.

You have to stick it to your mind that Google and other search engines cannot be fooled with spun content. The reasons for this would be discussed later in this post.

Can PlagiarismChecker.co check spun content?

PlagiarismChecker.co is one of the best plagiarism checker that you can find on the web. This free plagiarism checker is considered an accurate choice for checking all sorts of contents, including the digitally rephrased ones. 

Article spinners can create plagiarism free content, which the online plagiarism checker tools can pass. Even PlagiarismChecker can pass spun content, but that doesn’t make it valuable for the search engine. Most bloggers, writers and students think that checking plagiarism in spun content and getting a 100% unique report allows them to use the rephrased content. 

Still, after reading the flaws of spun content, you would understand that it is foolish even to spin content in the first place!

Top four reasons why spun content is bad to use!

Being passed by Copyscape doesn’t mean that Google cannot recognize spun content. Google uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to reverse engineer the creation of content. In less than seconds, it can determine whether an article is manually created or electronically rewritten by article rewriter tools.

Here we have listed out the flaws in spun content in detail. If you are willing to spin and use the content on your site, blogs, or even assignments, then read this section before making a hefty decision:

  1. Google understands how spinners work

The biggest reason why we would urge you not to spin is that Google understands this trick. Article rewriter tools can only remove plagiarism from the content. Still, in this process, they can ruin the natural flow of the content. A person reading spun content can easily detect its artificialness. If a person can sense something fishy, so can Google.

2. Readers can realize and recognize spun content

The reason you create content is to win the interest of the target audience. Well, you cannot certainly do so with spun content. The reason is that people can easily understand spam when they see poorly written content. Article spinner tools whose focus is to create plagiarism-free articles for you: would surely ruin the structure of the content in the process. You have to understand that there isn’t a single article spinner tool globally that can create human-friendly content. There are only a few AI-powered paraphrasing tools that are worthy of creating natural content.

3. Unique content doesn’t mean value to the search engine

There is a misconception that Google is only interested in unique posts. I’m afraid that’s nt right, and you must know that the search engine also values relevancy and simplicity along with unique content. By spinning a poor and fake version of already published content, you will also damage the traffic coming on the original post. 

4. Synonyms have different meanings 

The basic working step of most article spinner tools is to change the originally used words with their synonyms. We would like you to know that not all synonyms can be used in the same context, so this is what changes the complete meaning of the article. If the meaning or message of the original article is changed, then it simply kills the purpose of paraphrasing. 


Now that you have read why it is bad to use spun content that Copyscape passes, If you are still interested in using a spinner tool to do your work, we suggest you try the article rewriter tool smallseotools. With this tool, you can paraphrase your work according to your preferences. Still, after using any spinner tool of your choice, we would urge you to not trust its quality by just using a plagiarism checker tool. Rather you should read it as a layman. If you find it difficult or artificial, you can manually edit and simplify it online!