6 Disposable Eco Tableware To Use In Your Restaurant

6 Disposable Eco Tableware To Use In Your Restaurant

With the world turning in a full circle, everyone is turning to nature in all aspects of their life. This is witnessed by the growing environmental consciousness around the world. To make your restaurant stand out, making it go green is the best thing to do. One of the best ways to make your business become green is opting for disposable eco tableware. Read on to understand the types of eco-tableware to use in your restaurant.

Using disposable eco tableware

Birchwood tableware is eco-friendly and proving to be a better option compared to those made from metal and fibre. Eco disposable tableware from Birchwood is safe for the environment, soothing to the core, and very pleasing to the eye. Offering this tableware to your customers will give them a new eating experience knowing that they are using safe material.

Disposable eco-tableware for use in your restaurant


Teeth require appropriate care to prevent cavities and gaps. There is a likelihood of food shards settling in teeth gaps. This makes it important to offer toothpicks to your customers. There are no better toothpicks than those made from Birchwood to ensure customers keep their teeth safe and hygienic. Avail individually wrapped Birchwood toothpicks for customers more conscious about safety. Alternatively, offer toothpicks that come in airtight containers to stay safe.


When shopping restaurant supplies wholesale direct , ensure to include Birchwood cutlery. This is the best way to guarantee the health safety of your customers. Using Birchwood cutlery eliminates worry about crumbling, flakes, and crusts. Birchwood forks, spoons, and knives don’t change shape when put in hot or cold food or drinks. Customers can also use Birchwood cutlery to taste food items including an appetiser or the main course. Luckily, Birchwood cutlery is very adaptable to allow getting easily attuned to using them in the hands.


Do you offer Japanese food in your restaurant? Well, you should offer Birchwood chopsticks to your customers. These are a must-have for customers to enjoy savoring sushi and other seafood delicacies. You can get chopsticks in round and twin models for customers to try out different conceptions. The Birchwood chopsticks might come carbonized while the natural colour is maintained. Additionally, Birchwood chopsticks come with guaranteed strength and durability.

Tasting utensil

To enhance the seafood experience for your customers, ensure to offer them wooden sushi boats. To enhance their eating experience, offer your customers appropriate wooden cutlery and cups. To create a distinct feel, off these little nuggets in sheath boats or leaf cones. Placing fruits on Birchwood leaf boats makes them more appealing. The best thing is that using organic utensils will give your customers a feeling of eating earthly stuff.

Cocktail sticks

Another way to use Birchwood tableware is by decorating food with braided and ball cocktail sticks. Flagsticks are a great idea for A-list customers. You can use umbrella picks to adorn cocktails in the best way possible. Additionally, loop swirls and frills on cocktail sticks will give your drinks extra effect. Applying these subtle changes will introduce earthly magic into your dining experience. All diners will be amazed by the exquisite cocktail sticks.

Wooden stirrers

For people who like to stir their drinks while drinking, it is a good idea to offer them wooden stirrers. These are easily disposable and eliminate chances of sharing with others. This ensures safety and hygienic standards. Customers who prefer takeout can also move out with their stirrers to enjoy their drinks from a place of their convenience. Apart from meeting safety standards, disposable green stirrers give customers peace of mind.

Why use eco-friendly supplies in your restaurant

Reducing carbon footprint

One of the best reasons to switch to eco-friendly restaurant supplies is to reduce your carbon footprint. Ecofriendly supplies are made from biodegradable materials to take up less space in landfills. These decompose much faster to offer resources to the environment. In a bid to conserve natural resources, opting to use eco-friendly supplies in your restaurant is a good idea.

Making your brand stand out

In the stiff business world, innovativeness is the best way to make your brand stand out. The easiest and simplest way to do this is by using eco-friendly supplies in your restaurant. This is proof that you care about our planet. In addition, offering customers eco-tableware is a way to share your green values with them. Using supplies that have less impact on the environment will make customers love your establishment much more.

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Make your business go green

With everyone making an effort to protect the environment, using eco-friendly supplies is a great idea. Using these will make your brand go green. This will lead to less eyesore and waste on the landfill. Using green products will also lower operating costs in your restaurant with less waste to deal with. All these will make your restaurant more appealing to customers with similar values of protecting the environment.


Using eco-friendly tableware in your restaurant will make your business more appealing to customers while playing your part in protecting the environment.