Why You Should Hire Outsourcing Specialists

Hire Outsourcing Specialists

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Main advantages of outsourcing. What opportunities does this provide for business? Why do many companies choose this type of cooperation?

Benefits of hiring an outsourced development team

Most companies appreciate the benefits of outsourcing, actively using it to grow and develop their business. By transferring the company to outsourcing, you entrust the inclusion of some business processes to a qualified specialist or a whole group. Often, other performers are tasked with accounting, logistics, advertising, and IT-sphere. Team leasing is very popular in the US and European countries. Let’s see why it is so convenient and profitable.

Definition and purpose of IT outsourcing

Many need to learn the difference between outsourcing and simple technical support for their company because, in both cases, the company commissions certain functions to be performed through a contract. The fact is that technical support is one-time or periodic (if there is a task, they were hired to complete it). And outsourcing is cooperation on an ongoing basis for an extended period (more than 1 year).

In simple terms, IT outsourcing involves the transfer of work on the complex maintenance of a company in the IT field. In addition, it is possible to outsource the entire range of tasks or parts.

The service includes the development of programs, their implementation, promotion on the market, and maintenance of the finished IT material.

Thus, custom development is the most effective method of obtaining quality products. Depending on the amount of work, you can choose one of two types of such a contract: either hire one or several specialists from the contracting organization or hire the entire group, and then all the efforts of the leasing company will be directed only in your direction.

Most firms choose for themselves a full range of services, which often includes the following tasks of the contractor:

  • constantly monitors the entire infrastructure or its parts;
  • provides data protection – their safety on media and from hacking attempts;
  • manages software configuration;
  • updates the software;
  • introduces services that provide automatic data backup;
  • is engaged in the training and consulting of employees.


It is a basic range of services, but this list can be much more – it all depends on each company’s requirements. Here are examples of the largest corporations that have used this service: Kodak, Mazda, IKEA, Danon, Unilever, and most other large corporations that appreciate such a contract.

Benefits of such a cooperation

A company engaged in significant business often has a question about entrusting many of its tasks to another performer – a contractor, to relieve itself of part of the burden, that is, to transfer the IT sphere to outsourcing.

Some of the main benefits of outsourcing include the following:

  • Saving financial costs because there is no need to maintain your group of IT employees because an outsourcer solves all tasks in this area. This support model allows you to purchase better hardware and software at competitive prices;
  • There is a possibility of a quick “start” of the business because no time is spent on searching for personnel in your company.
  • Increasing the efficiency of production processes. By entrusting the IT sphere to serve a third-party organization, your company can fully direct its efforts to its business and devote more time to it, spending human resources for the primary production.
  • There is access to high technologies. Problems such as finding highly qualified specialists to maintain IT services, using modern technologies in the company’s production, etc., will be solved automatically.
  • The specified result of the assigned tasks is guaranteed because the contracting company is responsible for the qualifications of its employees and must perform all duties and services by the contract concluded with it, and therefore bears legal responsibility.
  • There is an opportunity to solve the set tasks in a short time.
  • Transparent control of financial costs for the IT sphere.

These advantages attract many companies that have made their choice in favor of outsourcing contracts. And for more effective cooperation, deciding on a strategy and predicting the final result is necessary. Having a developed plan, its implementation is much more effectively regulated.

Involving a third-party organization to maintain one of the sections in your company’s structure saves your resources and time and ensures all tasks are completed.

Cooperation with SECLgroup

This company has extensive experience in the field of IT technologies, which allows it to take on tasks of varying difficulty. A group of specialists has already helped companies from 24 countries solve problems.

.SECLgroup has several advantages, namely:

  • highly qualified specialists (more than 60 employees);
  • experience in the market in this area for more than 15 years;
  • effective personnel management system;
  • more than 600 successful completed projects;
  • provides expert support;
  • has well-coordinated communicative relations in the team;
  • responsible attitude to the set tasks and achievement of results;
  • transparency of costs for equipment and technologies;
  • individual approach to each client.

Many well-known large companies have already made their choice in favor of SECLgroup, and these are: PepsiCo, Kia Motor, Hyundai Motor, Mazda Motor, Danone, Recipe Plus, The Lego Group, and the list does not end there.

SECLgroup has extensive experience in cooperation in the following areas: publishing, telecommunications, trade, entertainment, construction, media, advertising, logistics, automotive, sports, food, medicine, service sector, and much more.

If you want to use SECLgroup outsourcing services, you will eliminate many problems associated with the IT sphere in your company. All work will be completed within the specified time frame of the appropriate high quality, and the financial costs for this will be much less if you manage the IT sector on your own.

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