A Professional Guide On How To Reschedule An Interview

how to reschedule an interview

This should not happen to anyone, but as it is said, life is unpredictable, so we never know what the future holds for us in store. Given this unavoidable situation, people are often seen stuck in some very complicated circumstances in different aspects of their lives. Here, in this guide, we will be helping our readers in the professional part of their life. 

But, before we get into this whole professional guide on how to reschedule an interview, we should first get into some possible unavoidable reasons for which one may need to ask their potential employer for an interview reschedule. 

The list of possible reasons for rescheduling an interview goes as follows – 


If a candidate falls sick suddenly, then there is a high chance of them being contagious, which can further be problematic for the company and the employer. Especially after the Covid fiasco, employers, along with the human resource department, are now seen as more considerate regarding health-related issues. It is not just that there is more to it. If a candidate is sick, they would not be able to present themselves in the best light. So, in such a situation, it would be best to reschedule the interview.

how to reschedule an interview

Some emergency at home

A crisis is something for which none of us is pre-prepared. An emergency like looking after a sick family member or paying last rites to a family member or a close friend. This can be another solid reason why one may need to search the internet for how to reschedule an interview.

Transport or commuting issues

This is another uninvited situation that one may get to face right in the morning while going for an important interview. If such is the case you are dealing with, then rather than thinking about how to reschedule an interview, you should prioritize looking for some alternative that may help with your process of commuting. If nothing works out within the given time slot of your interview, then as a last resort, you should inform the HR department of the company and request rescheduling your interview. 

So, these can be the reasons for which one may need to reschedule an interview; now, obviously, just knowing the grounds will take you nowhere. So, further, as you will scroll through this guide further there, you will see points to remember while rescheduling an interview. 

How to reschedule an interview keeping some points in mind?

Well, rescheduling an interview often sounds unprofessional from a candidate’s point of view, but in some unforeseen situations like those discussed above, one can follow the points given below. Following these will help a candidate maintain professionalism while requesting a rescheduling of an interview. 

Connect with the concerned HR at the earliest

It is essential for you to keep and maintain the value of their time. So, it would be in your best interest that you inform them as soon as you know that you will not be able to make it. 

Show your interest

While talking to the concerned department of the company on the whole process of how to reschedule an interview, you should sound very much interested in the job opportunity. The hiring personnel should know your seriousness regarding the entire thing. 

Be quick with your reasoning

Try to be fast while you reason with the HR department for a rescheduling of your interview. So they will be able to provide you with an alternate schedule soon.

Suggest an alternative schedule yourself

If you are clear with the hiring department regarding your availability, then for them also, it will become an easy task to match the company’s schedule with yours.

Be very courteous

Whenever you are in conversation with your potential employer, you should not at all forget to be courteous. So, first and foremost, you need to apologize to the concerned person for the inconvenience caused to them because of the rescheduling.

Be thankful for the opportunity 

Don’t focus on if you will get a rescheduled time from the employer or not. Whether you get it or not, still, you should be thankful for the chance you got. This often goes to the employers as a good sign of respect which further increases the possibility of a reschedule. 

how to reschedule an interview

Read your message twice- If you are requesting the company to reschedule your interview in writing, be sure that there is no grammatical error or any sort of spelling error in your message. 


In emergencies, putting your interview on a reschedule is not that bad of an idea. Just by following a few simple tips discussed above, you can reschedule your interview very well within your professional limits. We hope the write-up helps you in the right way, just like you need.