Window Replacement vs Window Inserts

Window Replacement vs Window Inserts

If you’re in the market to replace your windows, you’ve no doubt already been faced with many choices. Window replacement means selecting the size of the window you want and the glass type you want to be installed. It means considering how the window should open and how many panes of glass it should contain. You have to consider the merits of their energy efficient windows offered by window replacement companies like JDI Windows and make a decision regarding whether they’re the right choice for your home. All in all, there’s a lot to think about.

One factor that may or may not has come up in the course of your conversations on the subject so far is that of window replacement vs. window inserts. This is a subject you should give due consideration to before making a decision.

What is a Window Insert?

If your old window frame is still in good condition, it might make sense to choose a window insert instead of a full replacement. When you opt for a window insert, you’re choosing to leave the window frame where it is. Only the interior stops and the sash, and the glass pane itself, of course, will be removed and replaced. Your new window will be installed within the existing frame.

Of course, this is only an option for you if the old frame is in good condition. If you’ve already spoken to a window replacement professional and they haven’t made this offer, go ahead and ask about it, but know that it might not be realistic for you.

Benefits of Window Inserts

If window inserts are an option for you, there are several good reasons to choose them for your home. 

  • You’ll save money. Window inserts are less expensive than a full on window replacement, primarily because there are less labor and less hardware involved in conducting the replacement.
  • You’ll save time. Although window replacement professionals do operate quickly, it’s faster to have inserts put in than it is to have a full replacement job conducted. That means more convenience for you.
  • You’ll save the aesthetic of your home. If you really like the interior and exterior trim of your windows, this is the perfect way to preserve it. Putting in new windows means dealing with new trim, so if you like what you’ve already got, window inserts might be the best choice.

Before replacing your windows, find out more about window inserts and consider whether they might be the best choice for you.