How to Choose a California Lemon Law Attorney?

California Lemon Law

Are you planning to file a lemon law claim? Such claims are indispensable after vehicle owners allow manufacturers to fix their defective autos multiple times without any success. 

Many auto owners mistakenly think they are knowledgeable enough to pursue their own cases. Even though some of them refrain from legal representation, manufacturers still have a team of lawyers on their side. It often happens for manufacturers to delay the process for consumers. 

Lemon law lawyers specialize in getting rapid buybacks and replacements. Make sure you view website information, discussion, and facts to gain helpful insights about the work of Lemon law attorneys.

The following tips will help you hire the best one in California.

Make sure to do your homework

Your journey towards choosing the right lemon law attorney in California should start by doing your homework. Although no one expects you to be an expert in this area, you are advised to get familiar with the process of filing a claim. The starting point of your research should be learning whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. 

This law has a tendency to vary across states, which is why you need to get knowledgeable about the legal requirements in the state of California. In this particular state, vehicles qualify as lemons if the defect affects their functionality and safety while covered under the warranty of the manufacturer or dealership. Another scenario in which your auto might meet the qualifications is if the manufacturer has made more than two attempts to repair the defect covered by the warranty. 

Moreover, your vehicle may be considered a lemon if thirty or more days have passed since the auto has been taken for repair. The same goes for defects that weren’t caused by consumer abuse. It’s worth noting that defects occurring within the first eighteen months of ownership or within the first 18,000 miles go more in favor of your claim. While mileage is usually an element of eligibility, some states don’t set it as a condition.

In addition, individuals should know which autos are covered under the lemon law and how this process works for used cars. Make sure you conduct this research before reaching out to an attorney and scheduling a consultation. The following link,, helps individuals learn more about the lemon law.

Keep all records handy

The following tip to consider when hiring such an attorney is holding onto all records and receipts associated with your lemon auto. In case you win the claim, the manufacturer will be required to pay all expenses, including the down payment for the car, monthly payments, loan balance payments, legal fees, attorney fees, finance charges, sales tax, incidental charges, etc. 

Lemon Law

Apart from keeping all receipts and records, you are suggested to keep track of all visits you have paid to the repair shop. These records include the date when you purchased the vehicle, the number of times you took it for repairs, the actual repairs, odometer readings, the expenses, etcetera. Such a paper trail is essential for getting the most you can get from the manufacturer. 

Beware of red flags

After making the necessary preparations, it’s high time to look for a reliable lemon law attorney to handle your case. Keep in mind that not all lawyers are equal, and you should look for red flags while shopping around. 

The first red flag to look for is coming across lawyers who don’t specialize in lemon law but in other areas. While these professionals will try to persuade you of their capacity to handle your case, they are probably just looking for quick money. If the law firm doesn’t advertise its expertise in this field of law, move on to another provider. 

Another red flag to avoid is when attorneys ask for numerous out-of-the-pocket expenses, even though they shouldn’t charge you for anything. Experienced attorneys are completely aware of the nature of lemon cases and know that manufacturers are completely responsible for paying all legal fees upon clients winning the case. Hence, you shouldn’t be charged any retainer or contingent fees

The following red flag to bear in mind is when these lawyers take cases without a consultation. Skilled lawyers would never accept a case without gaining any background knowledge in order to minimize the risk of losing. You should be offered a consultation, during which the attorney will review and eventually file your claim. 

Some law firms tend to pass their cases to paralegals, which is another red flag to add to your list. In such situations, the communication process is conducted through assistants. Additionally, these firms don’t usually force manufacturers to pay but persuade clients to get cash settlements instead. A settlement should never be the goal of your lawyer.

Understand the values of your lawyer

Last but not least, individuals should understand the values of the attorney they choose to be their representative. The core values of this professional should work in your favor. For instance, lemon law attorneys should have values related to consumer justice and a passion for going up against car manufacturing giants. 

Furthermore, they should empathize with the frustration of having a defective vehicle. These professionals should also understand the importance of resolving claims as soon as possible to keep the roads safe. 

A final note 

If you suspect your vehicle of being a lemon, make sure you seek legal assistance at once!