Beginner’s tips to decorate the living room

Beginner’s tips to decorate the living room

When you buy a house and plan on the décor, the first room that pops up in your mind is the living room. This is because it is the first room that you come across when you enter the house. Decorating the living space in an attractive yet pleasant way for a beginner is a great headache. It becomes really hard for you to chalk out different décor plans when you have no idea of interior designing.

On such notes, you often handle such kind of projects to a professional interior designer. In this way, you eventually end up spending a lot of money. How can you plan your own décor in the cheapest and simplest way without spending on interior decorators? How to get ideas on using up your living space in the best possible way despite being a beginner? Here, you will get solutions to all these evident questions which often pop up in your head while planning your living room décor.

You need to first figure it out that what kind of decorating style you want to go with your living room. Make use of these wonderful ideas listed below to give your living room a more appealing and harmonious look. While planning the décor, there are a few things you need to consider such as:

  • The color of the walls.
  • The furniture designs. For example, which furniture you already have and which ones you need to replace or buy to suit your décor.

Tips to decorate your living room

Check out the tips that can help you make your living room look perfect:

  1. Furniture

One of the most evident problems that you face while deciding on living room décor is the arrangement of furniture. It is extremely essential that you first shortlist the type of furniture you need (glass, wood or other material). The next thing is to fix the number of furniture you need to fit into the living space. After all these short listings are done, the arrangement becomes a little easier.

You might think of pushing the couches and chairs against the wall and keeping a table in the center. Is it the appropriate living room arrangement as per the majority of the people? Isn’t that a very obvious design plan? You may want to push the cards a little and plan a unique furniture décor. This will make you walk the parallel to the obvious designs you often find in living areas. Arranging the furniture needs sheer planning and critical execution. Plan on the conversation areas and consider the focal points for a better living room décor.

  1. Area rugs

Planning on the floor coverings can be of huge trouble if not done the right way. Area rugs are like a challenge to make your living room look better. The placing of them has to be pleasing to the eye without creating much traffic in the room. You may find the concept of area rugs is very interesting, but do not just buy something because you like them. There is no point in going for décor items which you are not quite sure about arranging the right way.

The idea of having area rugs in your living space might sound simple to you but think properly before you get them. You should have knowledge about the best ways to place them so that they bring out a better outlook. The size of area rugs is extremely important to consider. It should go with the size of the living room.

Make sure that all of your furniture is placed ideally on top of the area rug. The ideal distance from the living room walls to the edge of the area rug should be 10 to 12 inches. That is the space of bare floor which should lie in between the rug and walls.

  1. Wall art

When the walls of your living room are empty, it gives avoid feeling as soon as you enter the room. You need to fill in the walls with bright yet subtle paintings and arts to give it a sophisticated look. The size and color of the paintings should be in contrast to the wall paint. However, it does not imply that you should fill in every inch of the wall with pictures. Such a décor would make the walls of your living space look extremely congested.

Make proper plans on deciding the right size of pictures or paintings according to space on the walls. To get a cohesive or enticing outlook, you do not necessarily need to have expensive picture frames. You should have a good taste in choosing the right art form for your walls, whether it is cheap or expensive. Just go with your instincts while choosing paintings, which you think would go best with the theme of your living room.

  1. Lighting

It is one of the important factors to keep in mind while decorating your living room. You need to critically decide on the lights, and how bright or soothing do you want them. There are a few crucial considerations that you need to make while deciding whether or not to have a center chandelier.

There are three types of lights that will go with the living room décor: task, accent, and ambient. Keep in mind to ensure light sources across all corners of the room to give a uniform look. You can even consider table lamps, fan lamps, wall scones or even floor lamps.

  1. Wall paint colors

It is extremely essential that you choose a proper color to go with the walls of your living space. Whether it should be too bright, patterned, single-toned or subtle splashes- it all depends on you. Choose the right color with the living room theme.

Finally concluding, search the internet for living room pictures of different décor and fix your mind accordingly. When you have decided on these parameters, you will automatically get signs of how to plan the décor. Keep a note on the window coverings, furniture, paint of the walls, floor coverings, and other necessary accessories.