What is Salesforce- a guide to modern-day management technology


The Salesforce is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that is gaining huge popularity and has been used by the small to large size businesses. With the demand for cloud computing, one technology that is having a huge impact on computing is Salesforce. What is Salesforce? Before the introduction of Salesforce, the CRM solutions were hosted on the server that is located in the company premises.

It would cost a lot of money for the company. They also need to hire resources to maintain the server if they have their own CRM solution. It also takes a lot of time to set up the server and would cost millions of dollars for the company. Despite setting up the server, it used to take a lot of time for the people to gain knowledge and use it. This is not at all a flexible solution. The only way is to develop a flexible CRM solution that will work on the cloud. The Salesforce Company has started with the intention to offer software as a Service solution. Today, it is the fifth-largest company across the globe.

What is salesforce technology?

The main reason behind the massive hit of Salesforce is cloud computing technology. The Salesforce would cost less amount of money for the companies. It replaces the laborious process of installing the software on the server and maintaining it. You can connect to the software provided you have the internet connection and the valid credentials. There is no more long term contract or expensive license with which you must deal. The subscription fee is also low.

What is Salesforce?

The Salesforce is the best CRM software provider that is used by around 1, 50,000 companies globally. It is a cloud-based system that has various modules related to sales, customer service, and marketing. The whole thing would be made as to the marketing suite. It is equally used by small to bigwigs. It is a safe and secure way for you to store the data and generate leads and sales opportunities to help your business to improve the ROI. Plus, salesforce allows you to keep a close watch on the marketing campaigns and interact with the customer in every phase of their product purchase cycle.

Benefits offered by Salesforce

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is the company that has converted its idea into an application. You can also build an application with the help of the Salesforce tools that you get in the market instead of building the infrastructure and tools from scratch. It helps you save a lot of money.

Salesforce customers love this product due to the following key reasons.


Unlike the traditional CRM software that is available in the market, it is simple to use. You do not have to deploy anything on your location.

Easy to use: It is pretty easier for one to use this software. You can spend a lot of time exploring various features rather than figuring what is where.

Highly effective:

It is easy for any business to use, and you can customize it according to the requirements of the clients. It is highly effective.

What is salesforce technology? Salesforce is on the cloud, so the team in your company can use the application to carry out business operations anywhere globally, provided with internet connectivity.

More about Salesforce

If your business is changing at a brisk pace, you would also need a robust application that is easy to adapt to your business changes. The salesforce application is scalable.

Salesforce can be integrated with third-party applications. If you would like to integrate this application to Gmail, you can do it with ease. You can also integrate this software with the accounting software. However, when you have to do integrations with other CRMs software it becomes a herculean task.

The Salesforce is also available at a cost-effective fee and comes with many capabilities. The startups to the well-established companies can happily use this software.

When it comes to the statistics of using Salesforce, it takes away 19.7% of the market share in the world of CRM. It has thousands of customers, and there are around 2700 applications and 3 million installations, and 70% of customers have gone to hit the list of App exchange. Today, many companies are showing interest in developing the application using the Salesforce platform, and many are migrating from their existing CRM to the Salesforce. The demand for Salesforce developers and administrators is on the rise.

Various products that can help the companies include

What is Salesforce? And what are its products?

Sales Cloud:

It is the CRM platform where the company can manage its sales, marketing, and customer support activities. If your company is into B2B or B2C business, then this is an apt one for you to use. It is the one that every sales team requires to work optimally.

Marketing cloud:

The marketing cloud software offered by the Salesforce is best to be used by the digital marketing teams of the companies. The marketer can use this best software to manage the journey of the customer, social media activities, email promotions, content creation, and management of content.

Service Cloud:

It is the platform that is used by the customer support and service team. The features such as social networking and tracking of conversion would be useful. It helps agents to solve the customer problems at a jet speed. It also helps the customers to gain quick access to the queries. The answers that are available on this platform can help the customers to resolve their problems on their own.

Community cloud:

If you want a platform to socialize with the employees, partners, and customers in one place, then this would be an ideal one for you to use. You can also use this platform to exchange information and images in real-time.

Commerce Cloud:

The commerce cloud will let the company provide immaculate customer service irrespective of the place they are located. You can use customer data and offer them the best experience. If you want to give an incredible experience to the customers, you must use this service.

App cloud:

The applications that can run on the Salesforce may get development using this software. Many development tools are available using which you can develop the apps that make your business operations easy.

The companies that are using Salesforce include financial services, government, communication, health care, media, retail, and manufacturing.