Hot Yoga for runners: A complete guide on Basics and benefits!

Yoga for runners

If we put hot yoga as a whole new term, in simple words, we can say that it is general yoga, but instead of doing it in an open space, one has to conduct that yoga for runners exercises in a proper closed space or in a room. In such cases, the room temperature should be high.

Hot yoga for runners: Standard room temperature

Talking of hot yoga for runners, there are so many notable benefits to be discussed. The standard room temperature, should be 20 degrees more than the normal room temperature.

What was the introduction of hot yoga in the first place?

The first introduction of hot yoga came into existence in the year 1970 under the name of Bikram Yoga.

Talking about Bikram yoga further to give more clearance for the basics, it is a type of yoga that is to be performed in a room with a temperature of around 30 to 40 degrees.  Another condition of running hot yoga is that one can not change the sequence of poses or breathing exercises.

Yoga for runners

So, perhaps we have had enough discussions on the basics of hot yoga for runners; now, let us focus on a detailed analysis of these benefits for runners and other people in general.

Benefits of hot yoga for runners

The detailed analysed list of those benefits of hot yoga for runners goes as follows-

1. It brings the blood pressure down and helps with destressing

It proves good for those runners trying to find a balance between their personal and professional lives.  Hot yoga will keep your blood pressure within limits; in most cases, it will not go down.

2. Increases levels of strength and makes the body flexible

If you are a runner and you are into hot yoga, it will provide you with more energy and further make your body more flexible. This way, you will be able to deal with your injuries in a better way, and also, you will be able to run at a fast pace with more energy.

3. Provides more energy to the feet

If you are a runner, your feet are the most important part of your body. Hot yoga, in this case, helps you with the process of getting more energy and stability in your feet so that you can maintain proper balance.

Yoga for runners
Image Credit: Healthline

4. You can be aware of your body

Hot yoga for runners is that type of warm-up for the body that allows people to give ears to the needs of their body. With the help of hot yoga, one can figure out injuries in the body which may otherwise go unnoticed.

5. Muscle Recovery

You, as a runner, must keep using your muscles every now and then. In such a case, it becomes your responsibility to keep your muscles well protected against any sort of wear and tear. The hot yoga exercises allow your muscles to breathe and put them to rest. This way, they can recover and further function as per your desire.

6. Enhances your breathing

Hot yoga practice also helps you in the process of enhancing the health of your lungs. We all know the role of healthy breathing in the running on an athletic basis. Also, healthy lungs allow you to regulate your breathing in a much easy and smooth manner.

Hot yoga for runners: what’s a beneficial schedule!

If you as a runner are trying to derive benefits for yourself out of hot yoga, then that won’t come to you just like that; you will have to ensure that you follow a proper schedule. If we talk further to help you set up the right schedule for you, then, we you should set an alternate day schedule.

An alternate day schedule would mean you will perform hot yoga for one day, and then the next day, you will go out in the field to catch on some running. So, this should be your pattern to follow if you wish to see the best results.

Yoga for runners

Precautions to take while performing hot yoga

Yes, the list of benefits of hot yoga is heavy and worth it, but still, there are certain precautions which you should keep in mind. It is very important to keep your body hydrated regularly while you are in the process of hot yoga.


So, if you are new to the whole concept of hot yoga and its benefits for runners, then, in that case, maybe a peep into all this information provided here will help you. You will be able to understand everything important that is there in association with hot yoga.