Enjoyable Birthday Celebration Ideas for Men in Their 30s

Birthday Celebration Ideas

Are you looking for the best birthday celebration ideas for men in their 30s? You are at the right place as we have several excellent birthday celebration ideas for men in their 30s. These ideas will work great and make your favorite man happy on his birthday. While you are busy planning the celebration, do not forget to get gifts for him too! 

Men in their 30s hardly find the time to spend with their friends. They even do not spend their birthday. You can surprise your man on his birthday by arranging his best friend’s party

Secretly arrange the party, invite his closest friends, and ask his friends to keep it secret. You can decorate the home and party place with beautiful decorative items. It will surely make your man happy when he sees such a splendid surprise.

  • Book a Spa massage

The person whom you want to wish on his birthday is busy? There will be no better way to wish him a relaxing massage on his birthday. 

You can book a Spa massage for your friend or husband. It will relax him and make him happy to know how you are caring about him. Check here to learn how to choose the right spa.

  • Go for a long drive

Your friend love to go on trips? You can make his birthday special by secretly arranging for a long drive to his favorite destination. Surprise him by telling him in a way that it is a surprise drive on his birthday. 

You can keep cake, candles, and balloons to celebrate his birthday in his favorite destination. It will not just make him happy but will make his day memorable.

  • Fill his room with balloons.

It can be a marvelous idea to celebrate your man’s birthday by decorating his room with balloons. You can order special balloons with special writing for him. You have plenty of ideas to write a message on the balloons.

It will be a good idea if you keep it a secret and surprise him when he come to his room. This idea is great for a woman to celebrate his husband. Celebrating with beautiful balloons will make his 30s birthday unforgettable. You can hide his birthday gift among the many balloons.

  • Decorate your car

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate your close friend’s birthday, there is no better option than surprise him with a decorated car. Decorate your car with birthday messages; you can write a personalized message on your car. Hang the birthday wishing balloons and color your car differently.

Once the car is decorated, bring it in front of his house and call him to look outside. On seeing this, he will not just laugh but also run out to thank you. His 30s birthday will become the happiest birthday of his life.


Men in their 30s probably have experienced many birthday celebrations already. But that does not mean he has seen it all. Celebrating your close one’s birthdays keeps them showing that we have care and feelings for them. When it is your dear one’s birthday, the above ideas will be great. As for his gifts, sites like gifts for men in their 30s reference will let you have a quick way to scroll through many suitable presents. The man will love it and the birthday party that you plan will be another memorable one to add to his list!