Make Pillows Your Bedroom’s Centre Of Attraction

Make Pillows Your Bedroom's Centre Of Attraction

A bedroom is your private place where you spend time. It’s the place where you can decorate with your favourite items, improve the storage functionality, and most importantly relax.

There are many attractive items inside the bedroom that plays an essential role in making it attractive. One of them turns out to be the pillows. With the latest trends ongoing, it is possible to make your bedroom as a centre of attraction.

Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned down how you can make pillows the centre of attraction in the bedroom. To know more about it keep scrolling until you reach down!

Before we get deeper, there are significant points to keep in mind.

  • Keep the symmetry in mind while decoring the pillows
  • Pick up the shades that go well with the interior style
  • Always, think about the pillow placements

Now here are few ways you can make pillows as the centre of attraction in the bedroom.

  1. Neutral Colours

The neutral colours give a classic look to the interior. White colour tones, grey and beige are a great option for the pillows. Hence, you can get the neutral colour palate covers for memory foam pillows.

You can place the lighter colour pillows against the white and darker colour pillows. This will stir up a colour contrast making a focal point of attraction.

  1. Modern Look

For someone who loves modern interior and style can decor their bedroom by throwing the odd number of pillows on the bed. For instance, you can have three or five pillows that are big and small. Choose for a limited colour combination that permits you with the geometric prints. These geometric prints look great on the smooth and light fabrics like cotton and linen.

  1. Traditional Look

The traditional look is generally related to arranging the pillows together on either side of the bed and centre. This will create symmetry and sense of attractiveness.

For the classic setting of a traditional look, we would highly recommend you to opt for velvet fabric. And top of it, you can place down a variety of textures, patterns, and colours that help in keeping the room alive.

  1. Bold Pattern

When you have a strong pattern for the pillows, then you can display it with the contrasting colour tone and solid pillow. Maybe you can also invest in the subtle colour patterns that are of complementary colours.

According to the experts, it is highly suggested to have solid patterns in some of the pillows and primary design in the big pillows.

  1. Florals

While it is true that flowers are not for anyone. Nevertheless, if you happen to be more of a flower lover, then you must indulge in the flower patterns of pillows. You will be surprised to know how florals will bring magic together. In fact, you can make the room merrier and radiate positive vibes,

  1. Embellishments

There are many embellishments like tassels, bows, ties, pom-pom and much more available in the market. It is a simple DIY you can have with the pillows. With these embellishments, the look of your bedroom uplifts. The pillows become the centre of attraction.

Ways of Decoring Your Bedroom With Different Pillows

Square Pillows

One of the most popular types is the square pillows. Consider the square pillows as your go-to-favorite option as it works with any type of interior and matches well.

While square pillows are a perfect option for your home, it works great with the solo chair in your bedroom. You can also try upon the couch and keep a pile of square pillows.

Lumbar Pillows

The name itself suggests that the lumbar pillows are for the leaned and defined support. Lumbar pillows are especially best option for the back as it provides comfort.

Most of the times, the lumbar pillows are largely used for the decor purpose according to space. Since they come in a variety of sizes and shape.

You can use the set of lumbar pillows for the centerpiece formation in your bed. Alongside, place small pillows at the end for an enchanting look.

Unusual Shape Pillows

There are multiple types of pillow available in the market. As much as they hold importance in today’s decor and interior, there are unusual shapes pillow that add a quirky touch to your bedroom.

These pillows can be of any shape. Whether you are decoring the master bedroom or perhaps the kid’s bedroom – an offbeat type of pillow will certainly become the centre of attraction.

From stars, animals, oval, spheres, and atypical pillows are an absolute delight to the eyes.

If you are planning to use them, then ensure that for maximum comfort feeling, then do layer some these pillows with the lumbar and square pillows.

Bolster Pillows

Last but not least comes the bolster pillows which are long and cylindrical. They are quite similar with the lumbar pillows as varying in size, used for both decor and back support.

The structure of the bolster pillows is quite traditional. Hence it gives the formal look to the bedroom space.

If you want to use the bolster pillows, then use it in a fancy manner. Why not keep it as a centrepiece on top of the bed. In addition to that, you can set up the pillows on the solo chair by adding extra cushion.

Alongside, don’t forget to place a rug on top of the cushions that will give a elegant effect to the room.

The bedroom is the private space in your room where you can spend quality of time with your dear one. Hence, one has to make the room appealing. It becomes possible through many things resting inside your bedroom. One of them turns out to be pillows.

In the above-mentioned article, we have jotted down some ways through which you can make it as the centre of attraction. Try them out and let us know about your experience in the comment section.