A complete pro guide on how to arrange plants in living room?

how to arrange plants in living room

If you are among many people who pay little attention to home decor and interiors, then as per the given trends, it is high time for you to start putting your interest into this. Nowadays, it is crucial for your social acceptance that you work well on the interior design of your sweet home.

 Now, the challenge comes when some people need to be better-versed in this, so all such people are often seen looking for online help through research. The best interior design, or we should say the in-trend designing these days, includes a lot of props, such as the most popular props are indoor plants. It can be because of increasing global warming or other deteriorating environmental conditions, and other factors are also making people inclined towards plants and trees. Keeping all of these things in mind, here in this pro guide, we will see some instant and easy tips on how to arrange plants in living room. 

how to arrange plants in living room

Before starting with the discussion of tips on how to arrange plants in living room, it would be better to look deep into some essential factors to consider for that. 

 Essential factors to consider before starting the arrangement of some indoor plants in the living area- 

  • Consider the Plant size-

This is the foremost factor to consider for arranging plants in the living area. If the area of your living room is small, then it will be good for you to select small-sized plants for decorating. 

  • Weight of Plants-

To see how to arrange plants in living room, considering the weight of the chosen plants is really important. Indoor plants should always be easy to move from one house corner to another. Home interior can easily cause boredom; therefore, you should change it frequently. Moving your plants here and there in your living room area would be easier for you if they were less weighted.

  • Plant Texture –

You may not consider this important, but it is essential for you to know the texture of the Plant you are planning to bring home. This factor is important to consider for how to arrange plants in living room. If you know the texture of your Plant, you will be able to position it as per the requirements of its texture.

Now, after this, let us move further and see some tips on arranging plants in living room for decoration purposes.

how to arrange plants in living room

  • Look for plants with well-colored and well-patterned leaves-

As far as indoor plants are concerned, their beauty lies in their leaves. So, the leaves of the Plant you choose for your living room should have a good pattern and a nice color.

  • Choose Painted Pots-

Not just the Plant leaves but also the pots in which those plants are placed. The pots of those plants are also a tremendous significant factor as the paints on those pots contribute nicely in the process of adding to the beauty of the living area or any other internal area of the house. 

  • Put your furniture to some good use-

If you have some free furniture lying in your living room, then you can utilize that by putting some beautiful indoor plants on it. 

  • Arrange plants in groups of odd numbers-

This can be a very direct or one-line answer to the question of how to arrange plants in living room. To make the arrangement look beautiful, you should put them in groups of odd numbers like 3 or 5, or more, depending on the space you have. 

  • Your Plant should source some fragrance in the house –

You may not believe it, but those indoor plants are very well capable of providing you with incense.

  • Position them near the sitting space-

    Depending on whether you have a sofa in your living area or a chair for yourself, you should always keep some plants in your living room near those chairs or that sofa set.

  • You can use the Window-

In the hassle of arranging plants in the living room, you should never forget the Window of that room. If there is any space on your Window, you can always keep your plants there near the Window for display.


So, here is everything related to the process of arranging plants in your living room. So now, as far as putting indoor plants in your house is concerned, this guide provided here will help you in many ways. It is advised that you go through all of this content carefully. Plants are an excellent choice if you wish to beautify your home. The plants in the house will always provide a calm, soothing, and welcoming look, and your guests will always love to visit your place. One more advantage of indoor plants for home decor is they do not demand a lot of care or attention.