Top names in the list of belly fat burning juice recipes

belly fat burning juice recipes

Starting your morning with a gulp of juice is perhaps the healthiest way out of doing that. If in case you have got a lot of belly fat and you need to burn it down, then having a full glass of juice every morning would be the best choice to make. But for adding that one glass of juice, you should know at least the names of a few belly fat burning juice recipes. So, here, we will see the list of some juices you can include in your daily diet routine to deal with your increasing belly fat.

belly fat burning juice recipes

The top names making the list of belly fat burning juice recipes are –

  • Carrot Juice

Juices are not related to fruits always; in some cases, vegetable juices like carrot juice turn out to be more healthy. If in case you are a person looking around for belly fat burning juice recipes, then this recipe of carrot juice is good to take into preference. A carrot juice recipe will be full of fiber and also will be low on calories. Since the juice is high in fiber, it will keep a person full for longer, so there will be no urge to eat frequently.

  • Bitter Gourd Juice

This is not just another name included in the belly fat burning juice recipes. Bitter gourd juice has a lot more health benefits associated with it. If your belly fat is under control, but you have diabetes, then drinking a glass full of bitter gourd juice will help you properly balance sugar levels in your body. When it comes to belly fat-burning juice then, yes, it helps as it helps in the improvement of bile juice secretion in the body. This further provides smooth metabolism for dealing with fat.

  • Pomegranate Juice

If we go as per the advice of dieticians and other health experts, there are a lot of ingredients in a pomegranate, all of which have a record of helping out with the process of easy and smooth belly fat burning. So, if you have a glass of pomegranate juice daily, you should count that in those good belly fat burning juice recipes.

  • Cabbage Juice

Drinking cabbage juice regularly will not only help you with the process of burning belly fat but also it will be a remedy for you to deal with all the other stomach-related issues include things like bloating of the stomach or indigestion.

  • Watermelon Juice

The main reason why you should include this in your list of belly fat burning juice recipes is that it contains the amino acid, which is a helping agent in the process of burning fat from the belly at a faster pace.

  • Orange juice

If you are searching for fruit juice with a low-calorie count, this can be your perfect choice. Many research studies prove that orange is one fruit that contains low calories compared to the calorie count demanded by an average body.

  • Bottle Gourd Juice

If you will go and scan some cookery books or explore some healthy cookery shows on youtube, you will find a column or a segment dedicated to various bottle-gourd juice recipes.

Now, as we are moving to conclude the guide, it will be good to discuss one such juice recipe with proper detailing. If you follow this and drink it daily, you will surely lose a lot of your belly fat.

The ingredients required would be

  • Half Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • 1/4th piece of fresh pineapple
  • A cup full of fresh orange juice
  • Green Jalapeno pepper

Now that you know the ingredients, the further steps from here are nothing very tough or tricky.

Directions to follow further

  • Keep all these ingredients together in a blender
  • Blend them until they show a smooth texture
  • You can then serve and enjoy your drink

If you wish to give this juice a name, then for your convenience, you can call it a spicy green smoothie.

Tummy fat burning juice recipes
Healthy drink, Vegetable Smoothie

If you wish to read more such easy recipes, there is a lot available online for you to explore. Other than exploring the internet, you can also pay a visit to some experienced dieticians or a good health expert. They will further help you well, and you will be able to add more delicious yet healthy recipes to your diet plan.


So, as we are finally concluding, it is evident that following a healthy lifestyle or diet is not as challenging as it appears. Also, if we know what we need to include in our diets and how we need to follow them, it is also not very time-consuming. Even if we devote some time to the maintenance of our own health, the process would still not be that bad to be taken into consideration.