How to Prepare for IAS- The Ultimate Tips That Can Lead to Success


Indian Administrative Service is one of the most challenging examinations amongst all the other competitive examinations. The desire to become an IAS officer would be deeply rooted in several minds, but only a few can succeed. The curriculum of the studies, sections, and categories are all too complex. To answer the question of how to prepare for IAS, you must know a necessary thing. It is that more than intelligence and memory power, one needs to develop the attitude of relentless dedication, determination, discipline. With these three things in place, a candidate would be able to crack the examinations in a much better manner if not quickly.

Most of the candidates that are willing to become IAS officers must stick to a proper regime and timetable to make things happen their way. In this article, we have written about the tips that can be useful to all aspiring to write the IAS exams.

Tips to prepare for IAS

Prepare a timetable

The preparation of timetable is the first and foremost mantra of how to prepare for IAS. Once the schedule is ready, it is essential to adhere to the timetable strictly. A slight deviation from this might end up in bad results. There will be a lot of subjects that every candidate should prepare for. Segregating those subjects according to the complexity and the amount of time required to study would help. The time table should be comprehensive, and it has to consist of all these details so that the candidate can follow all the rules strictly without any issues. Once the time table is ready, it is time to prepare

Enroll in coaching classes to prepare for IAS

Some students are incredibly brilliant, and they would be able to study on their own. However, when you look at the statistics for the report on the number of people attending the IAS exams will make you understand the actual competition. Lakhs of people would be aspiring to become IAS officers. Since the game is exceptionally fierce in this section of studies, IAS exams’ curriculum would also be quite challenging. Only a very few candidates would get through the examinations. Therefore, the need to join a coaching class becomes essential.

Spend time to find the right coaching center

The coaching classes for IAS examinations would be run by experts who would have given examinations in the past or come with a significant amount of knowledge. These tutorials would enable the candidate to adhere to the schedule properly, and also, they would coach them thoroughly on all the subjects required to prepare for IAS. Along with these, the coaching centers would also instill a sense of confidence, teach them the time management skills, and the other skill sets required to crack the IAS examinations easily. There are millions of IAS coaching centers, but spending time finding the right one would help you get success.

Try to solve as many question papers as possible.

The internet is one of the greatest boons to humanity. There are a lot of sample IAS question papers that are available on the internet. Students willing to take up the IAS examinations can always download these question papers for free or at a nominally cost and start solving them. By solving this question papers, the students would quickly gain the confidence of appearing for the real exams, and they would also learn to manage the time properly. Looking at the question papers would also give the main idea about the kind of questions they may get in their examinations. This is another idea that you can apply to know how to prepare for IAS.

Take it slowly

To crack the examinations, most of the candidates would be in a rush to complete all the subjects in a day. This will create havoc in the mines, and it is also going to generate a lot of confusion. The self-preparation for IAS requires the list of the subjects you would be studying per day and the time table. Instead of touching upon all the topics without understanding them, it is recommended to study one subject thoroughly and then move to the other. Never try to jumble up all the things at once because it will not help you at all. It is because every subject that you are studying has an inter-relation, and it can be too confusing.

Make it a habit to study every day

A lot of experts say that you require at least 12 to 13 hours of extensive self-preparation for IAS daily. If not daily, but it is important to make it a practice to study at least one subject every day. If you start neglecting the subjects considering it to be easy, then you might land into trouble. Studying every day is going to keep the spirits high, and you will be able to easily crack the examination.

Do not ignore any subject

There are a lot of subjects in the IAS examinations, and you must understand that every subject is important. Although you are an expert in one of the subjects, it is mandatory to go through it once more. The topics are going to be different and vast. Comparing the IAS examination subjects to the subjects that you have studied in the past is unwise. This is another rule that is going to help you to gain success in your IAS examination.

These rules might look very simple, but putting all these things into practice can become difficult. Unless and until you practice the above points regularly, writing an IAS examination can become a nightmare. Along with these, it is also important to stay calm and stress-free if you are looking forward to clearing the IAS examinations. We hope these tips would come handy to you when you are planning to give your IAS exams!