M.C. Hammer Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

M.C. Hammer Net Worth

M.C. Hammer Net Worth is mainly renowned for his dashing rap songs and dance styles. He has also gained recognition as an entrepreneur and spokesperson. People are attracted to his rap songs and dancing skills. He has embraced people through his work. You can find out M.C. Hammer net worth in this article and how was this rapper’s financial journey.

Who is M.C. Hammer?

M.C. Hammer is an American rapper who is also a former baseball executive. He is famous for his quick ascent to fame. Apart from his music and dancing skills, Hammer is also a good entrepreneur, producer, and TV host. He has also his own recording business. Hammer’s debut studio album was ‘Feel My Power.’ It was released in 1986.

Later, Hammer released many albums, such as ‘Lets Get It Started,’ ‘Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em,’ ‘Too Legit To Quit.’ He also released some singles recently, such as ‘Better Run Run,’ ‘See Her Face,’  ‘Help the Children,’  and many more. He got a good response through these marble creations. People were attracted to his hip-hop songs.

Short Bio Of M.C. Hammer

Birth Name Stanley Kirk Burrell
Also known as M.C. Hammer, Hammer, Hammerman, Hammertime, King Hammer, Kirk Burrell, K.B., Holy Ghost Boy
Birthdate March 30, 1962 (age 61)
Birthplace Oakland, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5’ 11½” (1.82 m)
Profession  Rapper, dancer, record producer, entrepreneur
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Genres   Hip-hop, Pop Rap
Labels Capitol, EMI, Death Row, GiantReprise, World Hit, Full Blast,

Warner Bros.

Net Worth

$2 million

M.C. Hammer Net Worth

Hammer has a total of $2 million as net worth. M.C. Hammer released a bunch of albums and solo music that became very popular. This raised his fame to the top. At the first of his career, he earned a lot of money. In the 1990s, Hammer had a net worth of about $70 million. Unfortunately, he lost the majority of his wealth due to extravagant personal spending. In 1996, he declared bankruptcy.

M.C. Hammer Net Worth

But then he released new albums, managed a record label, and worked for TV to recover somewhat. Hammer has operated his own record label. His recording production allowed him to gather continuous profit from his albums and other projects.

Early Life

M.C. Hammer was born in California. He was raised in East Oakland’s most minor flat by his mother and his eight siblings. His mother was a secretary. His father managed a gambling casino and was a professional poker player. Hammer played baseball from 1973 to 1980.

Later, Hammer started to perform in various clubs with the A’s and in the military. Hammer took undergraduate classes in communications. He also worked for the United States Navy for three years.

Sources Behind M.C. Hammer Net Worth

Music Career

Hammer started his career as a hip-hop musician. He released many rap music albums and solo songs. Hammer had a successful music career. People could relate to his music. He is the first rap artist to have an album receive a Diamond rating.

Hammer’s first single album ‘Feel My Power’ gets superhit. This album sold over 60,000 copies all over the world. ’That’s What I Said,’ ‘Ring ‘Em,’ ‘The Thrill Is Gone,’ ‘Son of the King’  are the singles from the album ‘Feel My Power.’ These singles became very popular. His second single album is ‘Let’s Get IT Started.’ This album generated sales of nearly 2 million copies.

After that, he released many albums and singles like ‘The Funky Headhunter and Prime Time,’ ‘Too Legit to Quit,’ ‘Full Blast.’ and many more. All of his songs became popular and generated hammer a tremendous amount of money, undoubtedly being a foundation for his net worth.

Music Label

Hammer has served as the CEO of a record label throughout his career and has run his own recording company. His label successfully signed many contracts with many famous singers like ‘Psy,’ ‘Tupac Shakur,’ ‘Jon Gibson,’ ‘Tha Dogg Pound,’ ‘The Whole.’ Hammer joined Suge Knight’s Death Row Records in 1995.

Those labels have done many successful projects with famous singers. All successful projects from these labels added much profit to Hammer’s net worth.

Additional Business Ventures

M.C. Hammer is a great entrepreneur. M.C. Hammer founded Oaktown Stable in 1991, and it eventually housed 19 Thoroughbred racehorses. After that, Hammer secured a book contract with Simon & Schuster in 2002 that called for publication the following year.

M.C. Hammer Net Worth

Hammer was a co-founder and the chief strategy officer of the Silicon Valley company DanceJam.com in 2007. This site receives $3.5 million worth of legitimacy. It raises his net worth massively.

Television and Film Career

In 1990, Hammer produced and starred in his own movie,’ Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em.’ He acted in many films such as, ‘One Tough Bastard,’ ‘The Right Connections,’ ‘Finishing The Game.’  and many more. He also worked on many Television shows such as, ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘Amen and Martin.’ Hammer also appeared in two films on cable television.

M.C. Hammer’s music has been included in films and television programs in addition to commercials. He also owned a short-lived reality TV show, ‘Hammertime,’ where he was an Executive Producer. In recent times, he has served as a spokesperson for Starburst and 3M Command Strips. He earned a lot of money through these works and arts.

Tours and Concerts

As Hammer’s popularity grew, he also held many concerts and tours. He used to win people’s hearts through his shows. Notable tours and performances include A Spring Affair Tour, Summer Jam, Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em World Tour, Too Legit World Tour, Illinois State Fair, Hammer’s All-Star House Party, and much more. Hammer gets high payments for those appearances.

Hammer generated a vast amount of money by doing these tours and concerts, undoubtedly being a foundation for his net worth.


Hammer has received many awards for his music, videos, and choreography over the years. He is a three-time Grammy winner. Some of his awards are:

  • Grammy Award
  • Billboard Music Award
  • American Music Award
  • MTV Video Music Award
  • Soul Train Music Award

Personal Life

M.C. Hammer married Stephaine Fuller. On December 21, 1985, they were married after meeting at a religious revival. Along with raising Hammer’s nephew, they had three boys and two daughters. According to a rumor from July 2012, Whitney Houston’s father persuaded Hammer to wed Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl in 1991.

Hammer is a consultant for eight digital companies and is active on social media.  He works on different digital projects for 10 to 12 hours every day and tweets 30 to 40 times a day.


Unfortunately, MC Hammer filed for bankruptcy in front of many people.1991 was MC Hammer’s highest-earning year. During those 12 months, he earned $33 million from selling records, merchandising, endorsements, and tours.

But Hammer spent massive money on staff and personal luxuries. As a result of excessive spending and helping out his friends and family, Hammer ended up owing over $13 million. Later, in Oakland, California’s U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Hammer eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After declaring bankruptcy in 1996, he sold his estate and mansion for $5.3 million.


How many records has MC Hammer sold?

More than 50 million records have been sold by Hammer globally.

What is Hammer’s net worth in 2023?

Hammer’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $2 million.

Why did MC Hammer lose popularity?

By the middle of the 1990s, he was less popular because of overexposure and negative reviews.

How much did M.C. Hammer’s house sell for?

He sold his mansion for $5.2 million.

Final Thoughts

M.C. Hammer earned a lot of success and money in the early part of his career. M.C. Hammer net worth is gathered by his dedication to his career.