Sutton Stracke Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Sutton Stracke Net Worth

Sutton Stracke is an influential personality on television. She gained wider recognition through her talents. Today, we will discover Sutton Stracke net worth, early life, and career.

Who is Sutton Stracke?

Sutton Stracke is an American television personality. She is well-known for starring in Bravo’s popular reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Besides these, she is also a businesswoman.

Sutton established her own fashion boutique business. Sutton also appeared in several popular television shows and series.

Short Bio of Sutton Stracke

Full Name Sutton Thurman Brown
Birthdate September 20, 1971 (age 52)
Birthplace Augusta, Georgia, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5’ 6” (1.70 m)
Profession Socialite, businesswoman, television personality
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $50 million

Sutton Stracke Net Worth

Sutton Stracke’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be 50 million U.S. dollars. Being a successful television personality and businesswoman is the main reason behind this massive net worth. She established her own multi-million dollar business that generates a vast profit every year.

Sutton Stracke Net Worth

Also, She has been in the television reality series RHOBH for a long time. Besides this, Sutton’s various career activities significantly impacted her net worth.

Early Life

Sutton Stracke was born in Augusta, Georgia. His father was an architect who worked for a private company, and his mother was a social worker for the Veterans Administration.

Sutton and her family moved to Augusta, Georgia, when she was five years old. There, she grew up and started her early education at a local primary school. After this, Sutton started her high school at Lakeside High School in  Augusta.

During this time, her interest in dancing grew. For this purpose, Sutton started taking dance classes. She learned their ballet dance. After completing high school, Sutton enrolled at Converse College, a private women’s college in South Carolina.

There, she joined the college dancing group and started performing in various programs. During her senior year, she started participating in several local dance competitions and won a lot of prize money. This inspired her to become a professional dancer.

In 1992, Sutton completed her BA degree from Converse College. After completing graduation, she wanted to learn to dance professionally. For this purpose,  She moved to New York City to study dance.

Sutton attended Broadway Dance Center and learned professional dancing for two years. During this time, She served as associate director for the Cunningham Dance Foundation in New York.

After this, she returned to Augusta and became the executive director of the Augusta Ballet, a dance school and organisation.

Sources Behind Sutton Stracke Net Worth

Reality Series Debut

In 2020, Sutton Stracke signed with Bravo’s reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She made her first appearance at the beginning of the 10th season. In this season, Sutton played a supporting role. The first episode of this season was aired on April 15, 2020.

Sutton made her debut in the episode of “The Crown Isn’t So Heavy,” the first episode of this season. This episode archived a total of approximately 1.35 million viewers in the U.S.

In the following episode, the TRP rate remains the same, and the total number of viewers stands at 1.35 million.

Soon, people started attaching to this season. For this reason, the season went viral worldwide.

On September 2, 2020, Sutton appeared in the 17th episode titled “Reunion Part 1.” This episode gained enormous viewer success. Over 1.70 million people in the United States have watched the episode.

There were several other successful episodes that gained around the highest number of views. Such episodes were All’s Fair in Glam and War, Mind Your Ps and BBQs, Denise and Desist, and Read Between the Signs. The season ended on September 23, 2020. Sutton completed a total of 20 episodes of this season.

Reality Series 2021

In 2021, Sutton got her starring role in the 11th season of the series. The season first aired on May 19, 2021, with its first episode, “Dressed to the 90210s.” it was also Sutton’s starring role debut on television. This episode archives 950,000 viewers.

In the following episode, the total number of viewers remains the same and doesn’t exceed a million.

On June 2, 2021, the episode of Sutton’s Gotta Give finally gained a million views. The 21st episode earned a massive success. It earned almost 2 million views on television.

Sutton Stracke Net Worth

There were several other successful episodes, such as Affairs and Accidents, Circle of Distrust, The Dinner Party From Hell: Part Two, Threats and Promises, and so on. The season ended on November 3, 2021, after its 24th episode of “Reunion.”

Reality Series 2022- Present

After successfully completing the season 11, Sutton again starred in the 12th season of the series. On May 11, 2022, she made her first appearance in the episode of “The Break-In.” This episode gained 1.15 million viewers in the United States.

In the following few episodes, it lost its TRP rate, and the number of viewers decreased from millions to thousands. However, the series somehow managed its TRP rate and started getting millions of viewers again. Sutton completed a total of 24 episodes of this season.

The season was closed on October 26, 2022. The most significant episodes of this season are Rocky Mountain Bye, We Need to Talk About Kathy, Silence Is Golden and Reunion.

Because of these success records, Sutton again starred in the running 13th season of this series. The first episode was aired on October 25, 2023, with the episode of “The Eaglewoman Has Landed.”

As of this writing, Sutton has completed a total of nine episodes of season 13 and 77 episodes in this reality series. Sutton received a high payment for her every appearance on the reality series RHOBH, Which became one of the main sources of her net worth.

Guest Appearances

Besides RHOBH, Sutton also appeared in several other television shows and series. In 2021, she appeared in Peacock’s reality television series Paris in Love. In the same year, she also appeared in Syfy’s horror series Chucky.

Sutton gets invitations from various talk shows and interviews. For this purpose, she appeared in several television shows, such as Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Entertainment Tonight, and Good Morning America. Those shows paid a high amount for her every appearance.

Business Ventures

In 2017, Sutton established a boutique and fashion brand called The Sutton Concept. She sold various items through her website, such as clothes, accessories, arts, decor items,etc.

As Sutton is worldwide famous, she has managed to gain a lot of customers across the world. She earned a vast profit every year from this business, which is another main source of his net worth.

Personal Life

In 2000, Sutton Stracke married Christian Stracke, who works at Pacific Investment Management Company LLC. Together, they have three children. Sutton and Christian were divorced in 2016.


How much money is Sutton worth?

Sutton Stracke’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be 50 million U.S. dollars.

Why is Sutton Stracke so wealthy?

Sutton Stracke is wealthy because of her multimillion-dollar business venture.

How much did Sutton pay for the horse?

Sutton Stracke paid $47,000 for her horse.

Final Thoughts

Sutton Stracke net worth is a result of her unique skills. On reality shows or business, she has applied her top skills to achieve a lavish financial status.