How To Begin Filing A One-Wheel Injury Lawsuit

How To Begin Filing A One-Wheel Injury Lawsuit
One-wheeled electric skateboard (personal transporter) on a lake shore against sunset sky over Rocky Mountains.

A one-wheeler is a self-balancing battery-powered mobility device that users stand on a deck propelled by a single tire. This device is often called a hoverboard or an electronic skateboard and can run up to 20 mph. The one-wheeler system is made of accelerometers and gyroscopes that allow riders to balance and steer using their weight and position on the board.

Despite the attractive benefits of this gadget, serious safety concerns are associated. This device is meant to be fun and help riders move faster than traditional skateboards, but over time, it has proved very dangerous.

Most accidents occur due to malfunctions of the devices, and victims must seek justice for compensation. Here is how to begin filing a one-wheel injury lawsuit.

Ways Of Filing A One-Wheel Injury Lawsuit

1. Get Medical Assistance

After a one-wheel accident, you get shocked and stressed, and your adrenaline takes over. At this moment, you have no idea what you are saying. You block out the pain and want to go home. Some usual injuries include traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, a broken nose, concussions, broken collarbones, and broken arms and legs.

An emergency stop at a doctor makes it possible to claim later injuries related to the accident. It provides clear evidence that you will recover sufficient compensation for all your injuries and medical costs. When a doctor examines you, they write a detailed report which lawyers use to build a case in court when you file a onewheel injury lawsuit

2. Find An Attorney To File A Onewheel Injury Lawsuit

After getting medical assistance from a professional, you will need an excellent attorney to file a onewheel injury lawsuit. There are numerous law firms, but very few are specialized in dealing with such cases. That way, you need to find an excellent firm to know if your condition can build a reasonable compensation claim.

Filing a lawsuit against the onewheel manufacturer may seem daunting but is similar to filing a civil suit. As a disgruntled customer who wants to file a onewheel injury lawsuit, you should gather all documentation related to the case to help your attorney defend you.

A proficient attorney can help you navigate the legal process to get justice. When you file a onewheel injury lawsuit, you must understand the manufacturer also has a lawyer to defend the company. An attorney will help you negotiate with the onewheel company for a fair settlement.

3. What Onewheel Lawsuits Target

Onewheels are prone to specific crashes caused by the device malfunctions, such as nosedives and pushbacks. The motor shuts down unexpectedly, slams forward to the ground, and violently pushes the user off the device. When this happens, the user will likely incur serious injuries, leading to wrongful death. The defense attorney looks into these malfunctions to create a strong case against the manufacturer.


Most one-wheel accidents are not intentional, and users need to be compensated. The one-wheel manufacturer is accused of false advertising, leading to severe accidents for the victims. Therefore, you must incorporate an excellent lawyer to help file a onewheel injury lawsuit.