Ten surprising health benefits of having regular sex:


Yes, fellas! You read it right. Sex does not only give you an adrenalin rush, but it also benefits your health, both mental and physical. It is not only to pamper yourself with a feel-good factor, but it adds to your fitness. So, just now, you have got a new reason to do it every day! But what are the benefits of sex precisely? Let’s have a look.

  1. Good for high blood pressure:

One of the most important benefits of having regular sex is that it lowers your blood pressure. So, if you are worried about your increased blood pressure, you may consider sex. Numerous landmark studies have found out that sexual intercourse (not masturbation) significantly reduces systolic blood pressure. Blood pressure is a major problem in today’s society. But now, you can lower it if you want.

  1. It is an exercise:

Like really? Of course, it is. It can be an excellent exercise for you and your partner if done regularly and in a healthy way. However, you cannot replace your treadmill regime or weight lifting activity with sex. But, it does count for something. While having sex, per minute, you can lose five calories, which is 3-4 more calories than sitting and watching TV in your living room. In today’s busy schedule, people tend to skip their daily exercise or gym routine. However, maybe you can make time to have sex, at least. And, as it is with exercise, consistency certainly gives you the best result.

  1. Helps to increases your immunity power:

It is a well-observed fact that sexually active people or couples take much less sick leaves. Is it a mere coincidence? But, numerous studies say otherwise. Sexual health experts from over the world have found out that people who have sexual intercourse daily have a higher level of immunity power than those who have an irregular sexual activity. It helps in fighting off germs, bacteria, viruses, and other alien organisms and keeps our body strong. A Pennsylvania based research showed that college students who had sex twice or thrice had a higher level of a certain antibody than their less sex having counterparts.

  1. Improves bladder control of women:

Yes, ladies! This amazing benefit can come alongside an orgasm. To avoid incontinence, a strong pelvic floor is an important thing. A strong pelvic floor must help a woman at some point in their lives. Now, how does sex helps in making your pelvic floor? Well, ladies, when you have an orgasm, it leads to a contraction in the muscles constructing the pelvic floor. This contraction, in turn, strengthens the muscles. That is how; good sex (that gives women orgasm, of course) acts as a good exercise for your pelvic muscles.

  1. Sex helps in reducing pain:

A satisfying orgasm can eradicate pain. Says who? Well, an eminent professor at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Barry R. Komisaruk says and claims so. Sex releases a certain hormone that raises your threshold of pain. However, any stimulation with or without orgasm can do the trick. Vaginal and clitoral stimulation actually can block severe leg and back pain for women. Another surprising benefit of genital self-stimulation can blow your mind. Women have reported that genital self-stimulation helps in lessening menstrual cramps. In addition to that, headaches and arthritic pains can be benefited from good sex life. So, next time you feel pain, instead of grabbing aspirin, go for an orgasm.

  1. Reduces the tendency of having prostate cancer:

For men, having regular sex might keep prostate cancer away for life. It is proven in several relevant studies that men, who ejaculate more regularly, at least twenty-one to twenty-four times a month, are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. However, you do not need a partner to avail of this benefit. Whether sexual intercourse, of a nocturnal emission or masturbation, everything can reduce the same tendency. Though cancer can be a result of other factors, more sex is never one of them. So men, go for the gusto!

  1. Improves sleep pattern:

After an orgasm prolactin hormone is released, this is responsible for sleepiness and relaxation. So, if you feel sleepy after sex, it is a good sign, buddy. So, people who have insomnia, or who have a much-tensed nerve and cannot sleep easily at night can go for sex. Good sex with your partner can make you mentally happy, and the hormone prolactin accounts for the relaxing mood.

  1. Decreases the risk of having a heart attack:

Satisfying sex life is a good thing for your heart, as well. Sexual activities can raise your heartbeat to go faster and provides a good exercise to your heart. It also keeps a balance for your sex hormones, i.e., testosterone and estrogen. Experts say, if you lack any of those hormones or have an abundance of those, a bunch of problems may arise like osteoporosis and even heart diseases.

  1. Eases stress and tension:

Sex is a good way of warding off your daily stress and tensions. A close bond with your sex partner can release stress and anxiety. In twenty-first-century life, especially in city life, people are full of negative thoughts. To release them of those thoughts, sex is a good process. Ambardar says that hugging, kissing, touching can release the feel-good hormones of your body that can start a chain of chemical reactions in your brain, causing pleasure.

  1. Key to happiness:

Sex releases dopamine hormone that is in general terms called the feel-good hormone. It leads to an ultimate point of pleasure, which leads a human brain to feel happy, and relieved. So, sex is not overrated, and it keeps you happy, healthy, and amazing.

It is proven that sex not only feels good, but it also helps you in eliminating significant health hazards.

Go! Get some ladies!