How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Doing Nothing- Is It Possible?

How many calories do you burn a day doing nothing
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You’re doing- this is probably one of those statements that you must have heard while you were lying idle. Well, honestly, even when you were doing nothing, your body was burning calories. Isn’t it a surprise when someone asks you how many calories do you burn a day doing nothing? No matter how absurd it sounds, it is true.

Most of us know our bodies, and hence, we also know how many calories we burn a day. But, burning calories a day without doing anything is just a huge shock. This is because you may think that your body is physically doing nothing and is in a complete state of rest.

So, how many calories do I burn a day at rest? Now that you know you burn calories in the state of rest, you also want how many calories you burn.

How many calories do you burn a day doing nothing?

How many calories do you burn a day doing nothing is dependent on several factors. However, there is no specific amount for the number of calories burnt. This is mainly because every person is different and has different needs. Therefore, to ensure everyone is going to lose the same amount of weight is completely ridiculous.

When your body is doing nothing, it is still in the process of doing something. Moreover, the position in which your body is at rest will also determine how many calories you burn per minute or hour.

On an average basis, in the sitting position, our body burns around 75 calories per hour. But, if you’re standing, your body will burn more calories per day. On an average basis, the body burns around 2000-2500 calories, differentiated by gender and activities conducted throughout the day.

What are the factors that affect your calorie burn resting?

How many calories you burn in the position of rest is characterized by different aspects. It is essential to consider what is more important. The activities you prioritize on an hourly basis will help you determine how many calories you can burn.

Different factors characterize how many calories you will burn per day. Some of these activities will help to burn calories and not collect them. Moreover, these activities are general day-to-day activities but still can play an essential role in enhancing the impact.

Body composition

body composition impacts weight loss
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How many calories do I need a day doing nothing is a fundamental question. You can consider checking how many calories I burn a day’s schedule and then proceed with the calories.

If you want to lose weight, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and not give up on food. Your body composition is a significant factor. The larger the body, the more calories you will burn. Furthermore, smaller people tend to burn more calories.


Older people tend to lose fewer calories. This is mainly because their body metabolism is slow. Moreover, they don’t get to remain active throughout the day, which also affects the process. The younger you are, the more calories you will lose.


Believe it or not, but gender has a vital role to play. Comparatively, men tend to burn more calories even when they are doing nothing. This is mainly because men have better body metabolism than women.


The position you are in affects how many calories do you burn a day doing nothing. Standing burns more calories than sitting. This is because when you’re sitting, you are in a complete state of rest. But, when you’re standing, there’s pressure on your body. As a result, your body has to put in some effort to maintain balance.

Eating habits


Not many may believe it, but your eating habits affect your calorie-burning process. If you eat late, your body doesn’t get enough time to use the food. Hence, instead of being burnt and used as energy, the food is stored in fat. Moreover, the foods you eat also have an impact on your eating habits. Rather than mindless eating and munching on snacks, it would help if you consider eating healthy. Larger or heavy meals before dinner is a big No.

How many calories do you burn breathing?

This is one of the prime examples of burning calories doing nothing. When you’re breathing, it doesn’t appear that you’re conducting any activity. But, it indeed points to the fact that you’re burning a significant number of calories.

The intensity at which you’re breathing in and breathing out will have a considerable impact. Therefore, it is essential to keep these small factors in mind and calculate. As per experts, the efforts you put in while breathing helps to lose weight. If you breathe heavily, you tend to burn around five calories per minute.

Well, you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to breathe fast. This is mainly because it can have counter-effects, thereby leading to respiratory or cardiovascular issues. It is best to consult a fitness expert or doctor to determine the ideal rate for burning calories.

Should I burn 1000 calories a day?

Can you burn 1000 calories a day doing nothing? Impossible. It is essential to put in efforts to burn a significant amount of calories. If you aren’t eating healthy and not indulging in exercise, you should consider adopting restorative measures.

Moreover, if you want to burn 1000 calories a day, you will need to indulge in some activity. Moreover, slow body metabolism is also an essential factor to consider. If you consume too many calories, you may not be able to lose weight.

Final Thoughts

How many calories do you burn a day doing nothing- This is something that many of us do not know. But, it is something that all of us want to know.

It is advisable to follow the advice of experts and indulge in healthy activities. Furthermore, there are several ways through which you can burn calories. But, even when your body is doing nothing, it is still doing something. You burn calories sleeping, eating, sitting, standing, and even while pooping.