What people must know about sexual health?


As our health is important, so is our sexual health. Being sexually active is not the only thing, but there are a lot more things to consider when it comes to sexual health. As it is a big part of our life, it can be easily affected by lots of other aspects related to health. Your physical, mental, emotional or social stress can cause damage to your sexual health. On the contrary, a sexually healthy person means a person who is careful and respectful towards own self and their partner. You and your partner need to enjoy sex and it must be consensual. The American Sexual Health Association has defined sexual health as the ability to enjoy and embrace sexuality throughout life. It has a direct effect on your physical and emotional health. A sexually healthy person means:

  1. A person who recognizes and respects the sexual rights we have
  2. One who understands that sexuality is natural and more than just sexual behavior
  3. Someone well informed about sex education, safety, and care
  4. A person who takes precautions for STD and unwanted pregnancies
  5. One who can get intimate, experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction
  6. Someone who can discuss and communicate about sexual health and problems related to it

Sexual Health Education

In today’s world, sex education is necessary for every person. Most of us get to know little about sex education as we don’t discuss it with our siblings, parents, and teachers. Sex education isn’t taught at every school and due to this, we miss a lot of knowledge about it. It is very important to learn about sex and sexual health. For your good, you must learn about gender and human reproductive organs. You also need to know about the risks of sex and how to prevent them. Some of the common risk factors are unwanted pregnancy, STI or Sexually Transmitted Infection, sexual abuse, STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If you are well informed about sex and sexual health then you will be able to avoid these conditions.

Sexual Health Safety

There are a couple of precautionary measures which when undertaken can lead to healthy sex life. Self-discipline is a great way to be sexually healthy and avoid STD, STI, and pregnancy. This, in turn, refers to not involving yourself in oral, vaginal and anal sex. Besides, if you wish to be sexually active, then you need to seek precaution. The most effective and common precautions are condoms, IUD or Intra-Uterine Device, contraceptive pills, etc. While the condom is the only source to prevent STD and STI, pills and IUD help in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

It is better to consult your doctor and get yourself checked before indulging into any sexual activity. You should be aware of your sexual health, the safety measures, and the risks. If you face any kind of sexual problem then your doctor will recommend some medication for the condition.

Communication regarding Sexual Health

Communication is an important part of good sexual health. The more we discuss it, the better we feel about it. There are a lot of taboos related to sexual health. These can only be eliminated through communication. For instance, if you are experiencing any sexual health problem but you cannot communicate with anyone, that’s a bigger problem. You must be vocal about your sexual health with your partner, doctor, and parent. Communicate with anyone you trust as it is really important to discuss sexual health.

It is good to discuss your sexual desires, interest, and dislikes. This, in turn, helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Besides, there is no space for peer pressure and unwanted sexual tension between the partners if you discuss it beforehand. On the contrary, if you are diagnosed with STD or STI then your partner must be informed about it. He or she must get tested as well to verify if they are affected by it or not.

What to ask the Doctor?

Here is a list of questions which you must ask your doctor.

  1. How to know whether I am ready to have sex?
  2. How to practice safe sex?
  3. What are the risks of unsafe sex?
  4. Is birth control necessary for having sex?
  5. Do I need to get vaccinated before having sex?
  6. What vaccines are there for safe sex?
  7. I had unwanted sex, is it going to affect my sexual health?
  8. How to know whether I am sexually healthy or not?
  9. What is the cure for sexual inactiveness?
  10. How to become sexually healthy and active?

Being sexually healthy and active is a sign of positive health. Your physical, mental and emotional health determines your sexual health. So, if you are sexually active then you are leading a healthy life. On the contrary, sexual activeness with multiple partners can cause STI’s.

Common sexual health disorders include:

If you are unaware of the common sexual health disorders, then go through this list. People experience such disorders due to various reasons apart from sexual encounters. Not only sexually transmitted diseases but these disorders can affect your health too.

  1. Infertility
  2. STI or Sexually Transmitted Infections
  3. ED or Erectile Dysfunction in men
  4. Painful intercourse
  5. Urinary system problems
  6. Reproductive system disorder
  7. Gynecological problems
  8. Loss of sexual desire
  9. Unacceptable sexual behavior
  10. Birth control conditions

As we evolve, our sexual health also evolves. To be sexually fit, active and healthy, you must reflect your feelings emotion and thoughts with your partner. You cannot be sexually healthy all by yourself. For this purpose, you need to talk about it with your trusted friends, parent, and partner. Feel free to discuss your concerns and if you are facing any sexual problem then talk about it. On the contrary, you need to be aware of the fact that you don’t force yourself on your partner for sexually encounter. Your partner’s consent is an important factor here. Always try to maintain a healthy and safe sex life.