Best Courses After 12th: What Should You Pursue?


After passing the senior secondary examination, every student gets puzzled about what they should study to make the best careers. Well, choosing courses after 12th is not an easy task, and we will help you know about the best career ideas after 12th. No matter if you belong to the Science, Commerce, or Arts stream, we will help you choose the best courses after 12th

So, let’s begin our curse search now!

Best Courses after 12th: Choices to Make

Courses for Science stream

For many students, the science stream is all about becoming doctors and engineers. But, if you forgot to make a mark on these entrances and you were not able to get this high-famed course, we have some best options for you:

●     Bachelors in Physiotherapy

This is one of the most sought-after courses for science stream students. This course will help you achieve everything you could have achieved after becoming a doctor. It is a 4.5-year course, after which you will be provided a sure shot professional degree and job in a hospital.

●     Biotechnology

Every day we hear of new medicine, and we don’t know who is the brain behind these medicines. So, get your hands to this best course after 12th, and you will get a high package job after this curse completion. For students with Biology as a major subject, this course can be pretty impressive.

●     Bachelors in Nursing

Today in this world of rising disease, every hospital and clinic will need a well-qualified nurse. What can be better than serving millions of patients who are in pain and agony? If you are a person who wants to work in a hospital, taking care of patients, go for a nursing course after 12th. This is a 5-year course that will provide you with the best opportunity to earn money as well as do good for society.

Courses for Commerce stream

As per many studies, commerce stream students have multiple choices. However, most students go into the loop of being a Chartered Accountant. If you are stuck in the loop of becoming a chartered accountant, it’s time to think about career options.

●     Bachelors in Business Administration

This is one of the best courses after 12th, that can help you get a sure shot job, just after you pass out of your college. The course helps you know all about the nitty-gritty of business, which can be used even if you want to establish your own business someday.

●     Company secretary

Although this is a pretty new course in the area of commerce, many students pursue this course to get a high-paying job. The course comes with one of the best course packages in the market, and you will get the option to work with different Multinational Companies. Thus, don’t get stuck in the Chartered Accountancy entrance exam after 12th, Instead look for the Company Secretary option, which has almost a similar curriculum as a Chartered accountant.

●     Cost and Management accounting

For students who love solving accounting problems, Cost and Management accounting can be one of the best courses after 12th. This course enables us to understand the nitty-gritty of company revenues and income.

Courses for Arts student

Many people opine that the Arts stream doesn’t come with many job options. But, this is not the real truth. Many courses require students from the arts stream. The following are some of the courses that can be pursued in the Arts stream.

●     Journalism

In this world of digital media, you don’t have to go for the traditional media houses. You can look for companies that help you understand the digital world and digital media. Several colleges are providing digital media courses that you can pursue. 

●     Content creator

If you have an interest in reading and writing, content creation can be the perfect opportunity for you. Content creation is one of the best courses after 12th arts. Many colleges, as well as digital platforms, can help you get a degree. After getting a degree in content creation, you will be able to bag some of the best high paying jobs in the industry.

●     International relations

Students who want to work for a global cause or who want a global exposure, degree in International relations can be one of the best ways to get the required exposure. After completion of the degree, you may even get an opportunity to work for different embassies and Multinational organizations. Just keep in mind to get a degree from a reputed institution. If you want to get better opportunities, you can even plan to work for organizations like UNICEF and UNESCO after getting a master’s degree in the same domain.

●     Social media marketing

The new age is the age of social media. If you want to make an enjoyable career and high paying, you can look for the best courses after 12th arts. All you need is a professional degree or diploma from college, and you will get a high-paying job after you get out of your college.

Varieties of courses are available after the 12th. No matter which stream you belong to, you will get multiple options. All you need to do is to know your strengths and weaknesses to get into a particular course. SO, if you have recently passed out your senior secondary exam and you don’t have any idea what to do ahead, this article may help you.

All you need to do is to plan well. Research about different courses and ask people around you to get an understanding. 

Many career counselors and institutes are available these days to help you choose the best career options for you. Let them help you in making a perfect choice.

Making a career choice and course choice after 12th can be challenging. But you need to stay calm and focused while making a choice. Nobody knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you and, thus, make your choice as per your skills and strengths. Let us know if you need details about any other courses after 12th—all the best for your future endeavors.