Find The Best Free Music Download Sites


Music is the best form of entertainment and can uplift you from the worst moods ever. There is hardly anyone in the world who do not enjoy music. However, there is confusion regarding where to download good music from in high quality and how the process works. There are several legal websites from where you can download movies without any hassle at all. All of these websites have some standard features but also some features that distinguish them from the rest. If you love to listen to music and want to create the best collection on your device, you need to find the best free music download sites. 

List Of Best Free Music Download Sites 

Here are some of the best free music download sites that will get the best of the music industry right on your device in no time at all:

  1. ReverbNation

Did you know that this is the website where several huge bands like Imagine Dragons and Civil Wars first started and became huge? This is the perfect place where you will be able to download music from for absolutely no cost at all. You will find music from several genres here, but they are most famous for the extensive collection in the alternative, pop, and hip hop. This website has several followers and users and makes the experience even better with the help of providing brilliant catalogues. The Discover section on this website is also an excellent place for you to find new music and popular ones.

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a trendy website that not only helps to download but also stream music online. Some people consider it the best alternative to Spotify, where you can listen to music for free. This platform provides an opportunity for independent artists and music labels to upload their music. You can look for your favourite artists or genres in the search section here, which will help you to navigate through a massive collection of songs exceptionally easily. You can instantly download most of the songs available on this website at the tap of a single button.

  1. SoundClick

This platform provides an opportunity to download songs from the artist’s website directly. Several artists put up their songs here for free, and you can download them legally for absolutely no cost at all. The songs available here are exquisite and high in quality. Navigating through this considerable stockpile of songs has been made easier because they are classified according to many genres, so you can choose the one you find most appealing. You need to sign up for this website, and then you are all good to go.

  1. Jamendo

All the music that is uploaded on this website is protected by the Creative Commons license, which makes it extremely safe for you to download music from this website. This website is suited for those who are looking for songs produced by independent artists and are offbeat. This website is not built for mainstream songs, so you might not find them here. However, if you love to discover new music from different artists, this is the perfect place for you.

  1. Audiomack

This is another extremely easy to use and very well engineered music Sharing platform that is built for music lovers from all around the world. This is the best place for emerging artists and music labels as well as fans of music to find new numbers here. The website also features several catalogues and classifications, which will help you to find the most liked or top reviewed music. It also has several classifications based on Genre so you can select those that you are most gravitated towards. Some music is on this website, and however not free so you have to be cautious when downloading music from this website.

  1. Audio Archive

This is the audio section on the Internet Archive. You will be able to find your not only music but also several podcasts, audiobooks, live music as well as radio recordings for absolutely no cost at all. There are 2 million files that you can easily download according to your preference, and they are legal. One problem with this website is that it is not very well categorised; however, because of the vast number of files available, you can categorise it on some system. This is truly one of the best free music download sites that you will ever come across.

  1. CCTrax

This is another website that has been appropriately licensed some downloading music from this website is legal and comes at no cost at all. It is also home to several independent music labels and musicians who make the songs available for free here. All the songs available here are also exceptionally well categorised according to genres so that you can navigate through this website with no problem at all. You also have an option for downloading entire albums at once, which can also come in extremely handy.

No matter what device you are downloading music from, there are also a plethora of best free music download sites for android phones that can help you out as well.

More Options To Choose

All these websites are magnificent; they may not be serviceable through a mobile phone if you are looking for the best free music download sites for android phones. The best and legal options include Google Play Music, MP3Skull, Pandora Music, Gaana Music, Music Paradise Pro, and More. It is effortless to download music from these websites and is free of cost. They also provide easy customisation for better navigation through the website. They are straightforward to use and extremely user-friendly, so you can get all the songs you want in no time at all.

To Sum It Up

So, what are you waiting for? Check the above-mentioned list for free music downloading on your android phone. With the best free music download sites, get all the music you want and for free right now!