Golden rules to reduce stress and anxiety


While we participate in the rat race called life, we do everything to reach the top. We work hard and present ourselves happy in this busy world. However, we forget to take care of our mental health. The heap of stress increases every day. A headache becomes a routine.

You might start feeling tired internally. Anything remotely related to your cause of rage will be enough to infuriate you. You will shout and abuse people for no reason. Nothing good can come of this. This condition of mental stress and anxiety can become the primary reason for your professional and personal unproductiveness.

After a long phase of juggling with work, mental stress, and pretension of happiness, you might want to have a way to channel away all your anxiety and stress. It leads to various over-reactions, which are not at all healthy for your personal or professional life.

So, it would be best if you found a solution to reduce this burden of stress and live freely. However, instead of using any external help, you can be your guru in this situation. Yes! You can spend an hour with yourself and feel lighter than ever. Let’s find out how!

Understanding the reason:

The universe runs on the principle of causality. The law of cause and effect is the root of every piece of turmoil around us. Your depression has a reason too. You should at first get to its source. Spending some alone time helps you to learn about the actual cause of your stressful behavior.

When you spend time with someone else, or you work in an office, your brain does not occupy itself to worry about an internal issue. During office time or a get-together, your mind is busy with the ways of the external world. Therefore, when you are alone, you have enough free time to know yourself.

If you do not know the reason behind your fluctuating behavior, you might vent it out in an inappropriate way. You may be stressed about your lousy meeting, and you can shout at your husband. It will ultimately sour your life. So understanding the reason is a primary thing you must do while you are alone.

Is it worth it?

After chasing down the cause for your anxiety, the next thing you need to do is to ask yourself, “is it worth?” there can be a thousand thing around you which can get you anxious. However, you cannot afford to take stress every time you experience a terrible phase. There are wars and political fights every day.

You cannot feel anxious over every one of those fights and rebellions. There are millions of people who are more successful than you. You cannot take stress because you are not thriving like Hillary Clinton. That would be absurd. So, whenever you get some alone time to ponder over your mental being, make sure you ask this question.

Do not take stress for reasons which are not worth it. Even in personal life, jealousy, possessiveness, and anger lead to stress and anxiety. Give yourself enough time to understand the worth of every matter that disturbs you. If it is not worth, stop torturing yourself, come on!

A piece of dialogue with self:

If a reason is not worth it, then you are clear. The reasons which you consider significant are the ones you should be concerned about. If you find a reason compelling enough to make you anxious, you need to call for a conference with your inner self. It would be best if you made the emotional ‘you’ understand that the reason that you are upset is common.

Perhaps, everybody feels the same about it. You can think about the ways to avoid it, go through it, overcome it, or make peace with it. Make sure that in every case, you can walk out of it, relieved and sane. A conversation with self is helping because, during this piece of communication, you know who you are. It is the time when you come in touch with the real person.

Do what you enjoy:

You may call it an escapist idea, but it is one of the most effective ways to get relieved of stress and anxiety. On holiday, try to be at home. Not just home, be around your corner of the house, where you feel most comfortable, and shut the world outside.

Then do something that brings you joy, and you forget the outside world for two or three hours. For instance, you can watch your favorite series, or play your guitar, or start eating your favorite dishes.

This way, you can break free from the long-sustained chain of anxiety and stress. By this, you may not come up with a solution but, after spending quality time, your brain is refreshed and starts working better.

Plan accordingly:

Proper planning is essential at any stage of life. To avoid stress and anxiety, the primary thing is to have a clear perception of your capability. You have to select your focus in life. If you know the target of your life, you can focus your attention on it. The more concentration you give to other people, the more stressed out you are.

Therefore, you have to stop measuring your life against the standards set by other people. Set small goals at a time, and try to achieve those. For instance, if you are a student, you should not focus on finishing the syllabus all at once. First, you need to plan a time table to comprehend the hours you will get to study.

Then, it would be best if you planned to complete two chapters per week. This way of setting small goals will help in eliminating stress and uplift your confidence level.

Plan your failures; more than you plan your is more comfortable to handle something that you have already expected. Now, remember! To walk in the road called life, you may tumble a bit. There is no need to look back at every pebble that made you fall. Some of them get crushed after you step over them. So clear your mind and hit the road. When you are healthy, no negative emotion can bring you down.