Little America Hotels In United States

America Hotel

Travelling of different areas of world is the part of education as well as business. It increases the experience of life. There are a lot of people who travel for the sake of pleasure or enjoy. If you are looking for travelling to somewhere, here is excellent chance to travel America. It will give you chance to meet several nations and cultures. According to the point of residency America has many 5 start and luxury restaurants, which offers special packages. These hotels facilitate outsides as much as they can. They are very conscious about their residence. One of them luxury hostel is Little America Hotel. This hotel is full of culture and very famous for its history.

If you are planning a tour, Little America Hotel is best choice for residence. It will surely give you unique experience of life and you will absolutely feel amazed there.

Original Little America Hotel:

Little America Hotel is also known as Grand America Hotels & Resorts. It is a chain of 8 hotels which are situated in Western United States.

The first Little America Hotel is also called Little America Wyoming. It was situated on 39km away from Green river and 56km from Rock Spring. It was established in 1952 along with Lincoln Highway. It was the first road across America with 2 fuel pumps, but now it has 140 rooms with several gas pumps. Now days, this area has world’s largest filling stations.

Penguin was used for many years as a logo of their hotel. Still penguin can also be seen on the top of the building. Penguin was used on many billboards for advertisement in different cities.  These advertisements were as a kind of notice for the visitors to come here and enjoy a great experience of their life. But in early 2000s penguin billboards were removed.

New Little America Hotel:

In September 2014, many conflicts took place about hotel. During the audit of 2010-11, according to His 133 undocumented individuals were found working in Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Most of the workers returned their fake documents. After many conflicts and problems, few mangers were disciplined and many workers were fired.

In addition to Grand America Wyoming, it also consists of Little America Hotel and Resort. The other properties include, Resort, Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley, Idaho, Snow basin Resort in Weber Country. These all properties were owned by Robert Earl Holding’s Family. They were also the owner of Sinclair Oil Corporation. Owner died in 2013 with personal net worth of $3 billion.


It offers special cuisine in different and relaxing environment. It offers special discount on couple package. Staff of this hotel shares a memorable event, no matter how much gathering is. Little America Hotel is very conscious for their guests. They respect them and provide facilities much as they can. It offers indoor pool, boutique and award winning brunch on Sunday. Grand America Hotel is surely a good choice for residence also providing knee pads. It also offers spa, fitness center, lounge, air conditioning room, family rooms and beautiful Mountain View.