Breakdown Of The Best Time For A Local San Diego Move

Breakdown Of The Best Time For A Local San Diego Move

There are various preparations involved when planning to move to another San Diego home. Apart selecting the best moving company, you will have to pack your stuff immaculately and plan how to arrange your new home. Convenience matters when planning a local move including when all family members are free to help during the process.

Some people plan to move during summer vacation or weekend. This ensures that every family member is free to help during the moving process. However, this might end up being costlier than you thought. Professional movers charge more during the busiest time of the year, month, or week. Additionally, you might even find it hard to find a ready mover since they might have been booked in advances.

Time matters

The time you choose to make a local move is very important. Most Americans prefer renting to buying a house. Renting offers appealing freedom while others just can’t afford to purchase a house. Therefore, time matters when hunting for a new home. many people usually move from May to September. This means that during this period, your chances of finding a vacant home that has just been vacated are high. However, the price might be high because of the demand.

Alternatively, moving during inter when demand is low will give you chance to negotiate prices. Many other factors are also important. The most significant factor is your preference and reason for moving. When you have less time to move, calling one of the best moving companies in San Diego can happen any time after finding a new home. It is very important to find the best time for your move with comfort and ease.

Best month to move

About 50 million Americans move annually with 60 percent of the people happening between May and September. People with family members prefer moving during this period since they can move with no disruption. In summer, school going kids are having summer vacation so moving doesn’t disrupt their education. If you fall in this category of people, now you know when you can make your move.

On the flipside, moving companies tend to charge higher in busier periods. Therefore, when most people are moving, the movers are obviously having a lot to handle and usually charge much higher. Therefore, ensure to avoid moving the busy months to lower the cost of your move. You can only give in when you have limited time to move to a new home. The rule of thumb is to be flexible with your moving period in the best way possible. Adjusting dates accordingly will help to lower the cost of the moving process.

Best time of the month to move

It is equally important to select the best time of the month for the move. this allows saving as much time as possible. keep in mind that leases and rental agreements become binding at the beginning of the month. Therefore, the beginning end of the month ate the business moving periods and obviously the most expensive for a move. Most people move during the beginning or end of the month. This leads to higher charges by moving companies. The trick to saving on costs is by moving on a date falling in the middle of the month.

Perhaps your lease agreement becomes binding at the beginning of the month with the moving scheduled in the middle of the month. This moment can be used for moving small and light items into your new home until the new month comes. You can also use this time to prepare your home including adding decoration until the day of the move comes. This allows moving into your home when some light stuff are already there and the house is well organized. You will have less to deal with.

Best day of the week for the move

Weekends seem like the most appropriate moment to move . however, this will most likely cost you more. Most people plan their move during weekends leading to higher demand for moving services to push the charges higher. It seems very convenient to move on the weekend since you won’t need to take a break from work to go through the whole moving process.

Weekdays are a better option when selecting the best day to move. This is possible if it won’t cost you much to take some time off work to handle the process. Most people relocate between Thursday and Sunday. However, make your move on Monday to Wednesday to get the best rates leading to significant savings. The movers are usually idle since most people are very busy at work when the week has just started.


After choosing a reputable and experienced moving company, choice is yours to select the best month, period of the month, and day of the week when to move to a new home.