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Leading a happy, fulfilling life often involves a wide range of things with VictorEric. A stable and enjoyable job, a partner that is there for us, great friends, and having something we are passionate about, are definitely some good examples of things that can make us happy. But a comfortable, reliable house is definitely something that adds a lot of value to our lives. And for a house to be comfortable, there are certain amenities that are pretty much necessary. Water, electricity, gas, internet, and a sturdy, dependable structure, are some of the must haves for any house.

Warmth, Sometimes an Essential Amenity- VictorEric

However, there are occasions where more specific amenities are essential not only for our comfort, but for our survival as well. And here’s where extreme cold weathers and warmth enters the play. 

Of course, most people that live in really cold places depend on heating systems to make sure that their houses are always at an adequate temperature.

That being said, the structure of the house as well as its design and furniture, can play an important role on how efficiently the property retains heat. And without a good home design, the efficiency of a heating system drops considerably, making you lose money in most situations, while decreasing the lifespan and performance of the system.

Here’s where high-performance home designs for heat retention come into play, and in this article, we will showcase its importance, and how some designs, like the high performance homes by VictorEric, can make a huge difference in extreme weathers.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about why some homes are not as great at retaining warmth, and how a professional designer for high-performance houses can help you out.

The Problems Most Houses Have

More often than not, houses that are lacking when it comes to retaining a comfortable temperature during extreme weathers, have several problems related to their design and structure.

Most of the warmth provided by heating devices, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, and more, is actually escaping the house due to said design and structure faults. And this usually encourages owners to invest in more heating devices, which greatly increase the expenses of the household.

Just to give you an example, here’s a list of the things that makes your house non-efficient when we talk about heat-retention:

  • Windows
  • Faulty and poorly designed ceilings
  • Thin walls
  • Draughts coming from doors, windows, chimneys, and other similar components of the house
  • Poorly installed or maintained floors

How a High-Performance House Makes a Difference

Standard houses are then very similar to a regular cup of coffee: All of its heat escapes through fairly easily, and during extremely cold weathers, a hot cup of coffee will be at the mercy of the cold in a matter of seconds.

Now, high-performance houses work similarly to a thermos filled with coffee. Thermos are designed to keep the coffee much more efficiently, keeping it hot for prolonged periods of time regardless of the weather and its many threats.

Thus, the job of a high performance home designer is to help any homeowner build or renovate their houses for the sake of making it a huge, efficient thermos house that is capable of retaining the heat. But how do they do it? 

Well, there are many ways of achieving this retention-power, and some good examples are:

  • Adding/using thick walls
  • Ensuring that the ceiling is efficient at warmth retention with different heat-efficient materials
  • Providing curtains to protect your house from draughts and provide even more retaining power
  • Provide advice to reduce the threat of draughts, like how to handle chimneys, or door and window holes
  • Renovate the floor using high-performance tiles and other similar additions, like carpets

The greatest advantage of these additions are not only the increased heat-retention power, but also the amount of money you will save on expenses related to heating devices and similar services, and the added level of safety for you and your family.

Why It Matters so Much- VictorEric

Extreme cold can be an incredibly dangerous threat to you and your family’s health. As shown in this article over here, there are many health problems that can be caused by cold weather, and they only get worse without proper management.

Hypothermia, for example, is a very common condition caused by exposure to freezing temperatures. It causes excessive shivering, tiredness, confusion, lack of focus, clumsiness, and if untreated, it can even be fatal.

Freezing temperatures are also known for weakening the immune system, which in result, increase the chances of catching or suffering certain diseases. Extreme temperatures are also famous for being a risk for people suffering from heart diseases as well.

Knowing How to Act is Also Important- VictorEric

Although the structure of the house is definitely important when it comes to fighting extreme cold weather, the way you handle it is also very important. Using thick pieces of clothing, scarves, gloves, and warmth boots, make a huge difference when it comes to fighting the cold.

A hot shower or bath, blankets, and hot beverages, are also incredibly helpful and can be great additions in your fight against coldness. 

Exercising is also incredibly helpful since it increases your body temperature, but you have to make sure you are exercising at a very comfortable temperature that is not extremely cold, or your sweat will cause you a lot of problems along the way.

Of course, there is more to it than just that, and if you want to learn more, you might want to check out for more details. However, nothing you do will be as efficient as a high-performance home design, so if you truly want to win your fight against extremely freezing temperatures, you will definitely have to rely on it.