Is pilates good for weight loss purposes-is it worth it?


Fitness and weight loss have nowadays become an important goal for a lot of people. It is so because people are more aware and careful about their health and fitness these days. People are very well focused on putting control on their weight and on the process of increasing their power of immunity. But, here, the topic of our discussion has to be related to the weight loss process. In the given guide, we will discuss is pilates good for weight loss.

When it comes to this question, there is so much that one needs to discuss. Here we are going to discuss all of it so that the reader will be able to understand Is pilates good for weight loss? One can say that certain and specific pilate exercises are good for weight loss. All those exercises we are going to discuss here in this guide in details.

Pilates good for weight loss

The list of those pilates good for weight loss goes as follows-


In general, diving into a pool is a good physical workout in many aspects, but here our context of talking about swimming has to be related to pilates. So, that way, we can say that if you wish for toned abdominal muscles. The process of swimming posture for pilates are as follows:

is pilates good for weight loss

1. Lie flat on your stomach with your legs straight and positioned close together, your forehead down.

2. Keep your feet pointing, extend your arms straight, and contract your abs.

3. On the count of one, raise your arms, legs, chest, and head.

4. Lift your left arm with your right leg in a counterclockwise motion. Regularly inhale and exhale.

5. Slowly repeat the motion while counting from 1 to 10.

Plank Jacks

Planking is an isometric workout that works every muscle in your body. Your shoulders, glutes, and obliques, as well as your abs and obliques, are all worked when you maintain the plank position. The better for you the pose is, the longer you can maintain it without sacrificing your posture. It can be challenging to maintain the stance for even 30 seconds at first. You can raise the number over time.

Planks improve posture while also strengthening the core and reducing body fat. Both stability and injury risk are improved.

Here, let us see how one can perform this perfectly and work on losing weight.

In order to perform this accurately, follow the steps given below –

1. Go to the end of your mat. Your face should be towards the mat

2. Your next step would be to inhale. Along with that, you need to put your arms up

3. You need to lengthen your waist and will have to tighten your thighs

4. Next, you need to put ahead your arms and head and then exhale

5. Your arms should be at a distance equal to your shoulder’s width. Next, you will put your hands on the mat and roll your spine

6. You need to be careful about not rolling your hips. After that, just in the next step, you need to get into a rigid plank position

7. Next, you need to jump six times with open and closed both types of leg positions

8. Next, you will use your hands in order to go back, and then you will come back to the front.

is pilates good for weight loss


1. Lay on your back with your hands stacked behind your head, palm to palm.

2. Bring your shins up while bending your knees.

3. Straighten your right leg forward and keep it a few inches above the mat as you inhale, engage your body, and attempt to touch your right elbow to your left knee.

4. After exhaling, go back to your starting posture and do the same on the other side.

So, if one conducts these two things as they have been discussed here, one can say yes to the question, is pilates good for weight loss? But, again, there is still much more important for the discussion.

Though the answer to whether is pilates good for weight loss is yes, there are still certain limitations to it. The limitation is that pilates is not efficient in controlling your weight or making you lose it. So, just with the help of pilates, you will not be able to get it done. There is more to it. Along with pilates, you will also have to check your daily diet intake.

If you are into pilates, then you need to understand that through pilates, you will not be able to burn much of calories. So, in such a case for you, it would be better to reduce your daily intake of calories. To do this, you will have to follow a proper diet plan.

In this diet plan, you will have to get many new types of food items added, and also, you will have to work on removing many of the food items that you were already consuming regularly.

Call up a dietician

The best way out here for you would be to get in touch with a trained and certified dietician. The dietician will further guide you with the exact diet plan you should follow.

Other than the dietician, you can ask a gym trainer to help you with the same thing. If you follow the Excercise and the diet plan given to you, you will surely lose weight with the help of pilates.


So, to conclude it all, we can say that, yes, pilates is a good choice for the process of weight loss. But, you will always have to keep it combined with a diet plan. Pilates alone will not be able to help you with the whole process of weight loss. Even if you can get some help, the process would be slower than expected, whereas a good diet combined with pilates will help you shed weight faster, which would be more helpful for healthy weight maintenance. If you still need to know more then for that you can refer to other sources on the internet and get the exact answer you are looking for.