Commercial Turf Application Is A Growing Industry


The commercial turf application is an ever growing industry. There are a vast number of applications for turf, and these are a few of the top commercial turf applications.

Embedded Team Logos Into the Playing Surfaces of Sports Fields

It takes a lot of petrol, a staff of landscapers, many pieces of equipment, and a lot of time to have the fields looking like they do on Friday evenings under the lights. Professional baseball, softball, and football teams increasingly choose to play upon artificial grass instead of real grass. The time and energy that would have been spent on natural grass maintenance may instead be put toward solving more critical issues, which is one of the most obvious benefits of installing artificial turf. Customization options are available, which is just another one of the distinguishing benefits that synthetic grass offers.

With artificial grass, you can brand your sports team in any way you want. It can be made to match your school’s colors or have a special logo inlaid into the turf. This has a big impact on the fans and onlookers who come to watch at your field. You may save time between mowings by not having to constantly spray paint your business logo on the field.

Dog Boarding Kennels and Boarding Kennels

The tremendous volume of canine traffic that occurs at doggie daycare ( facilities are insurmountable for natural grass to handle on its own. After hundreds of dogs run and play on it seven days a week, only synthetic grass will still seem green and clean. Artificial grass is resilient enough to prevent dog ruts and holes in genuine grass and saves water and gasoline.

In addition, artificial grass does not need the use of weed killers or fertilizers, both of which may be harmful to dogs. Synthetic grass is cleaner than real grass since it has little to no muck, which is great for dog boarding. Because it is less prone to attract and house parasites like fleas and ticks, artificial grass is a great choice for doggie daycare facilities.

These and other factors make the use of turf as a ground cover while constructing a dog-friendly backyard one of the most common residential turf applications.

Commercial Office Structures

Office buildings often have an interior and external installation of fake grass when they are constructed by commercial property owners. Outside, artificial grass is an excellent choice for ground cover in places that are difficult to mow, such as in parking lots, close to sidewalks, or along curbs. In locations with excessive amounts of shade or moisture, artificial turf is also a great option.

In today’s world, many businesses are taking the use of fake grass one step further by incorporating it into the interior design of their workplaces. It is impossible for natural grass to grow on a wall, beneath tables, or in an office cafeteria; yet, many avant-garde interior designers are employing synthetic grass to lend a splash of green to roofs, patios, sidewalks, and other areas.

Decks for Swimming Pools and Other Pool Areas

For a variety of reasons, commercial enterprises, including amusement parks, public pools, and apartment buildings, often install synthetic grass on pool decks and then in pool areas.

Synthetic turf is used around swimming pools to:

  • Makes for a ground cover that is less likely to cause falls
  • It channels water away rather than getting muddy.
  • Protects against the harmful effects of the toxins in the pool water
  • Is more breathable and less hazardous than concrete
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Artificial grass decreases your responsibility as a company owner by making pool-goers safer from burns and falls.

Fitness Centers and Other Athletic Premises

Many gymnasiums and other sporting facilities have artificial grass installed in their training areas to recreate the environment of working out outside. Fake grass gives soccer and football training traction and longevity.

Synthetic grass absorbs more stress than regular business flooring, and in different applications for turf, a foam pad may be added for further cushioning. Wrestlers and martial artists need to be particularly mindful of this because of the forceful impacts their bodies endure. Because of its long-lasting nature, artificial grass can withstand being subjected to harsh conditions such as high foot traffic, spilled weights, and heavy machinery.

Decks, balconies, and rooftops are all examples of outdoor living areas.

Artificial grass is a common addition to apartment complexes’ decks, patios, and balconies by the buildings’ owners and management.

The installation of artificial grass that has the appearance of real grass confers a variety of benefits on the various types of locations. For an apartment building, fake grass lets people have outdoor spaces like rooftop gardens, pet areas, or bocce ball courts that would be hard or impossible to keep up with natural grass.