5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof

Replace Your Commercial Roof

If you are an entrepreneur, your business will most likely be your most valuable asset. That is why it is important to do everything you can to protect it. If your business relies on a commercial property to run, we are sure that you take good care of the commercial property to ensure that your business operates smoothly. This blog will discuss about the 5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof.

Many business owners take several steps to improve their commercial facilities to improve their business operations. Unfortunately, it is common for them to forget about one critical aspect of their commercial properties: The roof.

If your commercial roof fails, it can cause significant damage to your building and the business. Considering that your building’s roof is the only thing standing between your precious business and the forces of nature, it is important to keep the roof in check. It is better to keep up with roofing maintenance to ensure that it can continue protecting your valuable business and all your assets for years to come.

If you haven’t taken care of commercial roof maintenance, you should take steps to determine whether the structure is beyond repair. This post will tell you about the signs it’s time to replace your commercial roof to help you make a timely and well-informed decision regarding your commercial roofing needs.

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof

There are several signs that your roof might be reaching the end of its lifetime. Some might warrant quick repairs while others might require a complete replacement for your commercial roof.

Look for the signs that we have highlighted below to determine whether your roof might need commercial roofing repairs or replacement services.

1. Bubbling

If your commercial building has a membrane-style roof, you should know that it is prone to a problem called “bubbling” or “blistering” in the industry.

These blisters are bubbles that might form under the roof membrane. The most common cause for bubbling in the roof membrane is air getting trapped under it or because of moisture. Poor ventilation and installation can lead to moisture and air getting trapped under the roof membrane.

Extreme temperature fluctuations can also lead to these problems. While small blisters are not a big problem and can be repaired quickly, they can cause a lot of damage if you leave them unchecked. You should check your building’s roof routinely and call in commercial roofing professionals to repair any blisters as soon as you notice them.

2. Roof membrane damage

Most commercial buildings have HVACs and generator systems installed on their roof because the roof provides the perfect space to install the equipment. HVAC systems and generators require regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that they can continue working without giving you any problems. Unfortunately, it is possible for the roofing membrane to become damaged, punctured, or torn during installation and maintenance.

A good way to prevent the problem or take timely corrective action is to inspect the roof before and after any maintenance or installation work on the roof. Check all the areas where the workers might have been present to identify any areas that require repairs.

3. Dry rot

Also called roof rot, dry rot is a major sign that your commercial roof is developing serious problems. Roof rot happens when there is a lot of water standing on your roof for a long time. The standing water can start breaking down the roof membrane over time and eventually lead to a complete roof failure if you don’t take measures to fix the problem on time.

When you examine your roof for signs of damage, you should look for water stains, wet spots, cracks in the membrane, and any discoloration. The best time to examine your roof for roof rot is right after rain. If you think you are seeing signs of roof rot, it could be better to call a professional for a thorough inspection.

4. Puddles and low spots

A major sign that it’s time to replace your commercial roof is when it starts developing low spots. Low spots indicate that the structural integrity of your roof has been compromised. Not addressing the problem immediately can lead to much more trouble and result in a complete roof failure.

The best time to check for low spots on the roof is right after it rains. If you detect any puddles or pools forming on the roof that will not drain out, it is a sign that there is a significant problem with the structure. Call a commercial roofing contractor immediately to inspect the roof and check for issues with the integrity.

5. Storm damage

While your roof is there to protect your commercial building from the forces of nature, it is not entirely impenetrable. Extreme weather conditions like hail, snow, and storms can cause a lot of damage to your roof. High winds that blow debris onto your roof can cause damage to your roof’s membrane.

Regular maintenance and inspections for your commercial roof can help you prevent having to replace the entire roof by keeping your roof in top-notch condition.

Is It Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Making sure that your commercial property’s roof is in top-notch condition can be critical to your business’ success. If you are noticing one or more of these signs, you could face some serious problems with your commercial roof and you should take measures to address them immediately.

If you think that your commercial roof needs a replacement or are not sure about whether it might only need repairs, you should put your mind at ease by having a team of expert roofing professionals come in and perform a thorough inspection.

Experts who have been working on roofing projects in your area for a long time can identify the root causes of the issues your commercial property’s roof might be facing and suggest a viable solution. Depending on the severity of the problems, the team will suggest whether you should get commercial roofing repairs or a replacement.

Consider contacting Reliance Roofing to come and examine your commercial property’s roof. IF your roof requires a replacement, the professionals will provide you with a commercial roof replacement that will guarantee you satisfying protection for your commercial property for several decades, with the right upkeep.

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