How To Remove Dark Circles Using Home Remedies

how to remove dark circles

People generally do suffer from the issue of dark circles when they are not able to get proper sleep. But other than not getting proper sleep, there are many other possible causes that may lead to this problem of dark circles right under the eyes.

It is obvious that no set of eyes looks good with dark circles under them, and there are other issues that people may face if they do not deal with these in the right manner. If you will explore and look around, you will get to see there are a lot of ways and means to answer your question about how to remove dark circles. There are various remedies available in the market for it. But the best thing to do when it comes to skincare is to put more trust in home remedies. It is so because everything you will pick from your home will be less harmless for your skin, whereas if you buy something from the market, it contains chemicals added to their composition and at times people are seen complaining of some allergic reaction.

When it comes to removing dark circles, there are so many options available at home for that. If in case you are not familiar with those home remedy options, then here in this guide, you will get to read a detailed description regarding them.

how to remove dark circles

Home remedies for how to remove dark circles 


1. Tea Bags

If you are looking around for how to remove dark circles, then tea bags can be your best and the easiest option. But, yes, be careful and only use cold tea bags for this process. Preferably you should be using the green tea bags.

2. Potatoes and Cucumber

This can be your second choice for how to remove dark circles. If you do not know the directions to follow for using this particular remedy, then what you should do is grate potatoes or cucumber, the next thing you should do is put those grated pieces on your eyes, and after 10 minutes of relaxing with them on your eyes, you should remove them. Other than this, you can also pull out juices from the veggies, and with the help of a cotton ball, you can apply it to your eyes so that you will be able to get rid of the dark circles.

3. Milk

This is also a good option to consider, but again even the milk should not be hot. It should be cold. You should dip a cotton ball in the cold milk, and then the milk should be applied to the eyes. After some time, you should wash your eyes with cold water. If you do not know how to remove dark circles, then this is something you should be doing, and it should be done at least 3 times a week for 7 days.

how to remove dark circles

4. Mixture of almond oil and Lemon juice

Yes, you should mix both of them together, and then apply the mixture gently and message over the area of your eyes. After waiting 2- 3 minutes, you should rinse your eyes with a splash of cold water.

5. Rosewater

This is one oldest home remedies for how to remove dark circles, people have been applying this for ages. Also, rosewater is not just a good cure for dark circles, but it is good for skin health in other aspects as well.

6. Tomatoes

These are good to be used because they are very good at natural bleaching. You will need to make a mixture of tomato juice as well as lemon juice, apply it under your eyes, keep it there for some time and then wash it off with cold water.

7. Meditation

This may be hard to believe for you, but dark circles under the eyes often result from stress. So, meditation and Yoga are two things that can help you deal with your stress, and thus yes, these can be helpful for removing dark circles from the eyes.

how to remove dark circles

So, these are all the remedies for how to remove dark circles. If in case this is not helping or if these remedies are not effective for you, then the next thing that you should do is see a doctor. Here, further, let us see more details for a better understanding.


In what situation should one see a doctor for dark circles?

You should see a doctor to deal with the issue of dark circles when you notice swelled or discoloured eyes. Swelled and discoloured eyes with dark circles under them may lead to a more alarming situation, and to handle that, there can be nothing better than connecting with a specialized doctor. Such situations with sensitive things like skin should not be avoided at any cost.



So, this is all related to the process of how to remove dark circles from the eyes, the guide has been written in a very simple language, and it is undoubtedly easy for understanding. If other than all of this, you still need more guidance or help, you should get in touch with a dermatologist, or you can further explore more on the internet. Here you will surely get all the information you are looking for in relation to the removal of dark circles.