What To Eat And Drink As Foods For Healthy Teeth


After the hit of coronavirus, people are now more aware of their health and well-being and are paying more attention to everything related to their physical as well as mental health. But they are still often seen as ignorant of their oral health.

But, people do need to understand that it is equally important for them to be aware and well-versed with their oral health. So, here for the sake of good oral health of people, we will discuss some good things to eat and drink as foods for healthy teeth. There are also people who do want to take good care of their teeth and mouth, but they do lack the right information. So, this guide is really going to be very helpful for people. As they will go through this, they will then be able to understand the right foods for their good oral health. 

Foods for Healthy Teeth

List of foods for healthy teeth

The list of things to eat and drink as foods for healthy teeth goes as follows:

 1. Cacao Nibs

Yes, you are thinking just in the right direction. It is true that chocolate if eaten much, leaves cavities in the teeth, and hence one should not be counting on it as one of the healthy foods for teeth. But, this is not the only case here. There is more to it. If you will intake chocolate that does not have sugar content, that is actually a beneficial thing to eat. It is so because it will help you work on keeping away bacteria and also plague. 

Foods for Healthy Teeth

2. Dairy Products

Cheese and butter are other healthy foods you should add to your diet chart list. Vitamin K2 is the reason for which these are counted among healthy foods for healthy teeth. One needs calcium to have strong teeth, and being milk-derived products, these are also good sources of calcium. So, cheese and butter would work on making your teeth healthier and stronger. 

3. Fatty Fish

So, if you are a non-vegetarian, then fatty fish is another good source for you to work on the health of your teeth. It is so as the fish is a source of vitamin D. For good quality teeth, vitamin D is an essential nutrient. So, yes, it reduces the risk of decaying the tooth. 

 4. Leafy Veggies

The reason why green leafy vegetables are essential foods for healthy teeth is that it is through these types of foods that you are able to get rich calcium which is a very important component as far as teeth health is concerned. Another reason for the importance of leafy green vegetables is that it is good with the content of minerals. 

5. Citrus fruit family

Yes, it is truly different types of acids that do have their own side effects for the teeth. But, still citric acid is something that is healthy for the teeth. So, yes, all those fruits such as oranges and others are also rich in the content of nutrients like Vitamin C, and therefore, it is counted among foods for healthy teeth.

Foods for Healthy Teeth

6. Carrots

Carrots are also items that are the best foods for healthy teeth; a diet of raw carrots is good for your oral health overall as it helps you with the increasing levels of saliva in your mouth. If there is more and more saliva produced in your mouth, then that will help you with the reduced risk of cavities in your teeth. So, this is how carrots protect your teeth.  

 7. Almonds

Another good food for the sake of the health of your teeth is your pack of almonds. Almonds are always a good source of protein and calcium; above all, almonds are very low on sugar. If you are looking for a fine way through which you will be able to add almonds to your diet, then that is you can put them in your salad, or you can have some almonds along with your lunch. 

 8. Apple

Apple a day not only keeps a doctor away but also can be helpful for you in the case of a dentist. The reason why an apple is a good option for teeth health is it has a high content of water and fibre. Also, it helps you with the increased saliva levels in your mouth. The increase in saliva levels actually happens merely due to the process of eating the apple. The saliva which is produced by the fruit further helps with the cleaning of bacteria and other bad food particles from the mouth of the person. 



So, these are the good foods to eat or drink for healthy teeth; if you will keep these items as a part of your diet chart, it is then that you will be able to keep your teeth in proper health and good condition for a longer duration of life.