Best listed options to use as Substitute for Mirin

substitute for Mirin

Mirin is already well known among people, but sometimes there are certain things which are not familiar to us. Mirin is one such thing for a lot of people. So, before discussing the best listed options to use as a substitute for Mirin, we will look into the details of what Mirin is all about. So, let us focus on getting a basic understanding of Mirin as in what it is exactly and for what purpose it is used by people. 

What is Mirin?

 It is a type of wine that is made out of rice, and this is majorly taken as an ingredient during the process of cooking a Japanese dish. It is also often seen to be taken as an important ingredient in the process of cooking a modern dish for Asian use. 

But, there are chances that a person may not have Mirin in stock at home, so here we will see some best-listed options to use as a substitute for Mirin. The first thing for you to note is there are many options available out there for you if it is Mirin that you need to replace from your food recipe.

Here, we will discuss some good names that you can add to your listed options for using as a substitute for Mirin. 

substitute for Mirin

Substitutes for Mirin

The list of those options goes as follows

 1. Aji-Mirin 

This is something that has the twin taste of Mirin, but it is not the original Mirin. If we go for the original one, we can say that it is not easy to buy as it may cross the budget limit for the people. Also, this is a good substitute to use for people who are cooking any Japanese dish outside the country. 

2. The Rice Wine

This is another substitute for Mirin which is typically good to be used for cooking purposes. It is a good flavoured and salty in taste type of alcohol. It is basically used with Chinese dishes. 

3. Rice Vinegar 

This is also a good Substitute to use instead of Mirin. Talking regarding taste, we can say that it is a non-alcoholic ingredient that comes with a mild sweet flavour. It is always good to use a half teaspoon of sugar with it if you are using it for any cooking purposes.

4. Sake

This is almost an identical substitute for Mirin, but there is one thing about Sake that is high in alcohol content compared to Mirin. So, this is something to keep in mind while using it for cooking.

substitute for Mirin

5. White wine Vinegar

It is also a good option for your taste buds if you will use some amount of sugar. Wherever you will see a list of substitutes for Mirin, you will get to see a long list of kinds of vinegar. Those all will be good to use with a small amount of sugar or some pinch of fruit juice added to it due to its sour taste. 

6. Dry Sherry

The unsweetened wine options are more popular among people when it comes to sherry. But that is not all that sherry has to offer; there are more those sweet-in-taste wines, and those are all delicious for cooking purposes. 

7. Sweet Vermouth

This is one wine substitute for Mirin that is a proper mixture of plants, sugar, and spirits. This is a very reputed name when it comes to the list of cooking wines; it is a good choice to be considered for sauces. It comes with good caramel and a nutty taste. 

8. White Grape Juice

This is yet another option for those who are looking around searching for a good substitute for Mirin. This is among those alcohol-free options which are already sweet. 

substitute for Mirin

So, these are all the options that you can consider if you are confused regarding a substitute for Mirin. When it comes to using Mirin for cooking purposes, it can be said that there can be many reasons for which people may not go for it. So, all these substitutes can be of good help in that case. 


If other than this, you need any more information, you should get in touch with some experienced food bloggers and cooking experts. You can explore them on the internet. Using wine in your favourite dish is a very smart hack for cooking, but also, wine is something regarding which you should be well aware before starting with the use of it. Only when you are properly informed you will be able to use it in the right manner, and also then only you will be able to derive maximum benefits out of it for yourself.