Poor Employers in the Age of Technology

Poor Employers in the Age of Technology

Have you ever planned to start your own business? I do believe most of you will have once in your life. This is because everyone wants to own a business and work like a boss. Setting up a successful business is the dream of millennials. But it comes with a lot of hardships and requires persistent efforts. Not all people succeed when it comes to having a business and this is the reasons many people get discouraged.

A person who starts a business does his level best to make it successful because this is the place where he has invested the whole of his wealth. His whole life revolves around the business. You will be surprised to know sometimes employers can’t have a successful business just because of their workers. Though every owner takes great care when it comes to hiring teams and pays them the best salaries, they still create problems for the person who offered them a job.

If you are wondering how your employees can damage your business and create issues, this post is going to help you. We have listed all the possible options or ways a worker deploys that prove lethal for the business.

The Internet Abuse

The Internet is everywhere. Nowadays, no business office can operate without stable internet connections. Many owners arrange more than just one connection to offer their teams with the best internet. But what workers do is just pathetic. Many employees misuse the internet in a number of ways.

They spend more time on social websites than doing work at the office. Tinder, TikTok and Snapchat and such other sites have been seen in internet history of every employee at the work. There is no issue if they do so. But they must be careful about office time. Apart from this, the workers sometimes share company information and secrets online. Many companies have lost billions of dollars due to internet abuse.

Hardware Exploitation

The companies pay from the pockets to get their workers the best tools, production equipment, computers, scanners, and other office items. This is not easy to spend a lot of money and buy the best products for your employees. Still, many bosses are so kind they bear with this.

But the employees have lame excuses is just sad. They don’t care about computers and other hardware. They steal office items and sell them in markets. The people working at offices should at least care about the things they use and that were purchased to make their work easy. This is just ignorant behavior many people show at the workplace.

Telephone Abuse

Every office has telephone connections and landlines for office use. But this is the most abused thing in the office. Workers prefer calling from the office numbers instead of their own even for personal works. They talk to their families, friends and other people for hours without thinking they are causing a huge loss to the company. Even when workers know they are under monitoring, they continue to follow the same practice.

Another matter of concern is the offices pay for the SIM bills of the workers when they have to often make calls. Take the examples of HR department that calls to new people for interviews and other matters. They guys spend their whole month on the company expenses.

Poor Employers in the Age of Technology

Personal Expenses

Many companies offer travel, food and residence expenses when they go to other places for work. These are really great and companies pay from their pockets. The boss knows how hard it can be to manage all this. Yet, there are workers who demand personal expenses from the companies. They spend hundreds of dollars on their shopping and other things and ask for the bills from the company. This seems really weird and pathetic.

The Way Forward for Bosses

The boss at work can’t keep eyes on every person at work. They don’t want the office resources, property or tools to be misused. Even no boss likes when WiFi passwords are shared with friends by their workers. They can do nothing about it.

However, they can control the workers with the Android spy software. This app checks internet use, calls, text messages, locations and other activities of the employees. This can be a great way to handle the poor employees and mend their ways. Every boss or manage should seriously think about using a monitoring app for the workplace.