A Handy List Of Pilates Ball Exercises To Address Your Fitness Concerns

Pilates ball exercises

Well, in today’s world that is the post covid scenario people are all the more concerned and aware about their body fitness. Google and all the other major search engines have reported a high search volume for all kinds of fitness-related concerns and queries. In the same search volume, people are often searching for terms like Pilates ball exercises, and other such gyming and fitness-related terms. 

So, if you are one among those users who are searching for some good information online related to pilates ball exercises then do not wait any longer, please scroll down further and continue reading. 

Pilates ball exercises are good for 

There are various physical activities and exercises which are specifically good for certain parts of the human body.  Some of these help in shedding belly fat others help in removing extra fat from the thighs. As far as pilates ball exercises are concerned these are good for back pain relief and also during pregnancy for women pilates ball is a great option to add to the daily routine.

But, just the general knowledge cannot be of help here, so further we will discuss some specific pilates ball exercises which will be helpful for back pain relief along with that we will also list out some good options for would-be mothers.

Pilates ball exercises
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Listed Pilates ball exercises for dealing with back pain issues

Rocking front and back on the ball   

You can very easily sit on the ball, your hands should be either on your hips or you can simply put them on the sides. Next, you will have to tilt your pelvis. 

Side Rocking

In this particular option coming from the Pilates ball exercises, one will have to stretch arms to the sides. As the next thing, one will have to slowly move the body weight from left to right on the ball. Next, you will go back to your normal sitting position. This body movement should repeat on the ball around 5 to 10 times. 


Well, this is one advanced level of Pilates ball exercise. It is really very effective when it comes to back pain relief. In order to perform these exercises it is necessary for the person to be well-versed in the basic pilates ball exercises only then he or she will be able to perform these circular motions. 

So, these are some major pilates ball exercises that one can consider if he or she is suffering from back pain issues. 

Now, in the next section of this content, we will see a list of effective pilates ball exercises for pregnant ladies. 

The list of Pilates ball exercises for pregnant ladies goes as follows 

Side-to-side hips

In order to conduct this particular exercise the lady will have to sit on the ball with knees above the ankles. The next step would be to move the hips sideways. After this, your next step should be to transit the weight by moving left to right as you will do that you will surely feel your body at ease. You should change the directions and should keep repeating the exercise.


This is another popular ball exercise for pregnant women, for this, they should sit on the ball putting their knees above the ankles. One hand should be on the chest and the other should be on the tummy. Use your hand which is on the tummy and move it with your breathing pattern. Next, you should hold your glutes tight and should try to stop the bowel movement.

Pilates ball exercises

Core Ball Rollout

For this exercise women are advised to kneel right in front of the pregnancy ball knees and hips should be width apart. After this, they should put their forearms to rest on the ball and their hands should be placed in loose fists.  Next, they will have to keep the back part of the body flat and should make sure to move away the ball at a slow pace. As the next step in the process of this exercise, the woman should try and move the ball far from herself. The ball should go as far as it can go without putting the hips down. One should try and hold this position for at least 3 to 4 seconds.  


So, here is your list of all the best pilates ball exercises you can try for addressing your different types of fitness-related concerns. So far these exercises have proven themselves as good, however, if someone has some medical issues and concerns then, in that case, things can be different. Going through all this information as it has been provided here is really going to be helpful if one goes through it all very carefully. There are other options also related to pilates exercises but it will be good to save that discussion for some other time.