Hologram Technology and Its Applications In Different Ways


The hologram technology is taking the design world by storm. Now, people will be able to see three-dimensional projections without using any devices such as cameras or 3D glasses.

You can view the object or image at any angle, and as you get closer to the image, it looks realistic. However, the hologram pictures are static such as the image of a product and animation pictures that you can watch from different viewpoints.

The technology that is used to develop holograms is progressing year by year. Besides, there are many interactive models that you can see being developed with this hologram technology. Moreover, it is a kind of photographic technique that would scatter the light on the object and shows you the image in three dimensions.

There are different types of holograms used on credit cards and licenses to offer high security. The development of this technology was started in 1962. So, when the light is thrown on the objects, the clarity of items is flawless.

The holograms are closer to the wallets. The driver’s license, ID cards, and credit cards are the hologram technology example. You can also see them in houses. Moreover, these are found on the CD, DVD and software packaging. The security hologram would keep changing the shape and color when it bent. Using this technology, you can see the real three-dimensional objects of the real things without using the glasses like you use while watching the 3D movies.

How does the hologram technology work?

You can use the hologram by recording an object’s image or a person in the environment using the laser beam and putting this information on the recording medium, which makes the picture clearer.

The laser beam is divided into two halves and is pushed through the mirrors. One beam would be projected on the object. Some parts of light would be throwing on the item and are recorded using the medium.

The second beam projection takes place against the recording medium. When the beams coordinate, it would make the image look precise in the hologram location. The two split laser beams will interact, and the projection to the recording medium will show you the 3D image.

The hologram technology can be useful in these areas.

Military mapping

There is geographic intelligence critical in the military to execute its strategies successfully. The holographic images would help the military personally to speed up the investigation process.

The battle areas’ holographic images would give a clear cut idea to the army people to look around the terrains and surroundings areas to complete the mission.

The military would capture the computerized data and convert it into the holographic images. It helps the army people to take a close look at the high-quality 3D images of the terrains. The technology is relatively more straightforward for people to use. You can use these maps to evacuate the disasters and carry out rescue operations.

Store information

There is a huge chunk of data that comes out every day. The digital storage capacity would be increasing every year. The personal computer has a limited capacity to store data such as photos, files, documents, and videos. When the disc is corrupt, the data in the drive can be lost, and it becomes tougher for you to retrieve that data.

There is exciting imagery that a hologram can create. It records the data and present in the visual form. The hologram can record treasure troves of data and store the abundance of it. The prototype available for hologram can save 4.4m pages of information on the DVD kind of disc. Moreover, there is also bulletproof security that comes along with that information.

You can develop an optical hologram of data and tear it into pieces. It makes it easier for you to store. The CDs and DVDs would store the information on the surface of the disc, but the hologram would use its three dimensions to store the data, and these pages overlap in the storage area.

Train medical students

Hologram technology is the best way to bring a sea of transformation in medicine. Besides, it helps you to visualize the patient details and history while training the students and surgeons. There is a difficult data you can see by the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and ultrasound scans. The technology will produce 3d holography of the information.

You can use the 3D images to impart knowledge to the students in a better way than before. More importantly, students do not have to wear any special devices or glasses to view the 3D form of the scanned body parts such as the heart, liver, lungs, and so on.

Fraud and security

It is a challenging task to make a hologram, which can act as a useful thing to use in security. The credit cards will have holograms. The small mirror which you see on the credit card is the holograph.

You can see this third-dimensional image from any angle, and the color would keep changing as you move the credit card up and down. It is tough to forge a credit card with holograms.

There are many places where they have started to use holograms in the currency, i.e., the notes. The best hologram technology example is that the 5-pound note in the UK has an image of big Ben that uses holography. When you tile the currency note, it produces different colors.


Many artists are using holography since its development. Moreover, the artists are using the three dimensions of the holograms to bend and cut a set of images or videos to produce an excellent output of an animation.

Entertainment and gaming

Holography is important for different genres of movies. It is no longer just a part of the science fiction ones. This technology is most widely used in concerts. You can make it look like the stars that have performed in the past can be made shown with the modern artists who are now performing live on the stage.

You can use these displays to show the musicians who are not present at the concert. However, you can transfer their image to display for the audience and make it look real.

The utility and test of a holography display table are successful only with multiple players. This technology integration with the Smartphone enhances the experience of portable 3D gaming.