Italian romantic movies- A quick must watch list

Italian Romantic Movies

Romance has been an all-time favourite genre for people across the globe. When a person is in the mood for some light-hearted entertainment, his or her choice is a romantic comedy movie or web series, and when one is in a serious mood then the choice turns to an intense heart-touching love story.  

If you are looking around for some options in the Italian romantic movies world to sit and explore with your significant other within the boundaries of your cozy bedroom then in that case, here, this article indeed has a lot for you on the plate.

All you need to do is go through this article and pick up your favourite options from the list of all the romantic Italian movies. Here we will not just open a list of good options for you, but also we will give you a brief detail about each option we have on the list. This way, picking up the option suiting your choice will also become easy for you.

The must-watch list of Italian romantic movies goes as follows- 

  • Matrimonio all Italiana

This is one among the list of Italian Romantic movies that should be your first option to explore. The story of this movie talks about a call girl who goes into a long romantic affair with a very rich businessman. The call girl further tricks the businessman into marrying her. The real thing starts when the businessman tries to find his child out of the three children whose biological mother is the call girl.

Romantic Italian Movies
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  • Pane e Tulipani

This story is about an Italian housewife who is left behind during a holiday. She then decides to continue her vacation alone. Next, she goes to Venice. There, in Venice, she finds herself a job. Just when she starts enjoying her life, her family starts calling for her hand. This is how a conflicted story gets a start. Also, you may not count the story in the list of those typical Italian romantic movies, but the story explores the subject of self-love and family love very well.

Top Italian Romantic Movies
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  • Dieci Inverni

This novel-based Italian movie came out in the year 2009, and if you and your partner are in the mood to watch some intense, complex love, then this can be a perfect pick from the list of Italian romantic movies. The story talks about a teenage couple who meet for the first time as students, and then in their whole life, they bump into each other till ten winters. During those ten winters, the audience will see them as a couple, friends and enemies, but separation is their fate every time. 

Italian Romantic Movies
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  • IGirasoli

This is a story about the wife of an army personnel who is declared dead. The wife refuses to accept that his husband is dead. She searches for him and finds him living in Moscow with another wife and a daughter. 

Italian movies for romantic people
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  • Ieri, Oggi, Domani

This is a movie that tells not one or two but, in total, three short stories about three different couples. 

Italian Romance Movies
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  • Parlami d ‘Amore

The story is about two people who meet each other due to a car accident. The friendship moves further as the lady in her forties tries to help the young guy to get the girl of his dreams. However, in this whole course of action, the lady realizes that the dream girl of that guy is nothing more than a bad effect on him. 

Italian Romantic Movies
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  • Malena

The story is set in the era of world war 2. The story is of a young guy who falls in love while still on a journey to discover himself.

Romantic Movies in Italy
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  • II Postino

If you translate this title into English, it comes as “ The Postman”. This Italian movie revolving around love came in the year 1994. The film tells the story of how Pablo Neruda helps his personally hired postman in the process of wooing the love of his life through literature and poetry.

Romance films of Italy
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  • Scusa ma ti chiamo amore

The English translation of this comes as “sorry if I love you” This is an age gap romance in which a 17-year-old girl and a guy 20 years older fall for each other.

Italian Romantic Movies
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Whatever the situation, be it a newly brewing romance or a sparkless love trying to rediscover itself, nothing can be as good as catching a show of any of these Italian romantic movies. Also, if you are a just married couple, imagine you and your spouse off to honeymoon in the Italian skies sitting in the cozy bed of your suite, enjoying all of these movies back to back, lying in each other’s tight embrace. You would not wish to get out of this imagination until it turns real!