Thrilling stories behind the top 7 most haunted places in the UK

most haunted places in the UK

So, are you planning a vacation to the United Kingdom with your gang? Well, here we are with exciting discussions on the top 7 most haunted places in the UK. If you and your gang are those adventurous fearless souls, then all of you will not only love reading this post further but also you will get to enjoy your trip a lot. However, enjoying your trip will depend on whether you include these places on your visit list. 

most haunted places in the UK

Leaving that decision to you, we move further to provide accurate details on each of those top 7 most haunted places in the UK. Even if you are already a resident of the United Kingdom, we can still bet you do not know all these places, so this list can also serve as an exciting getaway for the weekend for you as a local living there. 


The detailed list of the 7 most haunted places in the UK for fearless souls – 


1. Aston Hall in the West Midlands

Whenever you search on the web for the seven most haunted places in the UK, almost every website will show this place on the top. If the story is to be believed, then here at this place, once lived a paying guest who murdered his cook and kept his own daughter as a captive for 16 years till she died. Now, after all these years, ghosts of the cook and the daughter still roam around in the walls of that place hence making it first among the top most haunted places in the UK.

most scary places in the UK

2.Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Well, behind this haunted place in the UK, there are two different sets of stories. The first one says there were ten local people with the name of Pendle witches who got executed there. Another tale says the places are haunted by those who lost their lives on that hill due to some or the other incident.

3.Borley Rectory 

This was a huge mansion which collapsed in a fire, the incident happened in the year 1939. However, this place is in the list of most haunted places in the UK from the 1860s when the first abnormal event was registered here. If we go as it was given in the Daily Mirror one may get to hear some footsteps in that place. Other than this, the villagers have told incidents where they listened to the servant bell ringing. People say that they have come across the ghost of a nun. 

4. Pluckley

 This is a village in the United Kingdom, and there is no specific haunted location in this village. Rather this whole village is haunted if stories are to be trusted, then there are more than 12 haunted souls which are felt there.

5.The Flask

Well, if you are a party animal searching for a place where you can dance and have some drinks and other fun activities with your gang, then this can be your choice, but only if the whole of your gang has a rock-solid heart. This pub turns out to have its own stories of some haunted past. According to some unknown sources, many years ago, a barmaid hanged herself in the basement of this pub. After that incident, visitors often started complaining of paranormal happenings. 

6. Blickling Hall, Norfolk

This, out of those most haunted places in the UK, turns out to be haunted by the queen of England herself. People say that her headless ghost turns out every year in May. People have also reported they have seen the ghost of her father going here and there around the countryside.

7. Tower of London

This is another name on the list of the most haunted places in the UK. The story that goes behind all of this is the ghost of Henry VI comes there to roam around with a sad face every year on his death anniversary. The spirit remains there and waits till midnight. The scary story of the Tower of London does not end here. There is much more in the other part of this same tower which is known as the white tower and is said to be haunted by the white lady. 

Just like these, there are many other haunted places around the world that have interesting stories hidden in the layers of history, but for now, it will be good to just keep our discussion confined in the limits of the United Kingdom in order to save time and confusion. 


These top 7 most haunted places in the UK are known for giving people spine-chilling experiences. So, if you have got a nerve for some spine-chilling thrill, then in your trip, you should include some places from here. If you love horror, then your trip to the United Kingdom will be left incomplete if you do not pay a visit to any of the places discussed here. What if all these places are waiting for you to discover the real story hidden in the layers of paranormal history for so many years hidden away from everyone?