What To Text A Girl After You Got Her Number

Text Girl After Got Her Number

Texting your crush for the first time can be both exciting and scary. Well, you have to come up with creative ideas on how to start and keep the conversation going. Let’s see what to text a girl after you got her number. visit here

Nevertheless, you don’t need an exaggerated opener to charm a girl. Some people will start the conversation with a simple “Hi” and still get a reply. Confidence is key in every situation. 

Your conversation will flow naturally if you approach your crush with confidence. You can also send them a funny joke or meme that you feel they would relate to based on your previous conversation.

With that said, here is a guide on what to do, if you find yourself asking questions like, I got her number now what?

Introduce yourself in your first text to her

This is one of the simplest ways of starting a conversation. The girl would want to know who is texting her, especially if you dint give her your number as well. 

Maybe you met her in town or at a party and you dint talk much. The best thing is to introduce yourself and remind them where you met. 

For example, you can start by saying, “Good morning, this is Robinson, we met at the theatre”. You are most likely to get a response.

  • Send her a funny joke

Laughter is the best medicine in most situations. Your lady will be more interested in your chat if they find you humorous. 

Being cocky and teasing her playfully to win her over has proven effective for ages. Most girls would go for a funny man over an ambitious one. 

This is why your main goal is to communicate with her and make things enjoyable.

  • Ask her about her interests

Once you have introduced yourself and have received a response, you can ask her about her hobbies, her favorite dishes, or restaurant to keep the chat alive. 

You might even learn that you have common interests. Asking about her interest also helps to create your next your next talk. 

For instance, if she tells you that her favorite hobby is jogging you can suggest joining her on her next session. See this link to know what type of questions you can ask her https://www.amoramargo.com/en/interesting-questions-ask-girl/.

  • Send her pictures

This works well if you both share a common interest like watching movies. You can send her a picture of a certain famous movie and let her guess the name of the movie. 

Likewise, you can also share your finest photo and let them guess who you are. If they liked you, they will automatically remember you and where you met. 

Plus, the internet has all kinds of photos to choose from. You can either go for a meme, beautiful baby and animal pictures, or emojis. This type of picture can evoke a strong emotional connection between you and your crush.

  • Compliment them

Starting your talk with a compliment can lighten the mood so fast. The fact that every woman loves compliments, you are assured of prompt feedback. 

Compliments are a sign of high value and affection towards the other party. For example, you can text her,” hi beautiful” or “Hey boss lady”. 

However, using words like sexy or complimenting her body parts may sound offensive.

  • Ask when you can meet up

You may have met your crush at the cinema, mall, or restaurant. In this case, you can jokingly request her to meet you at the same spot again. 

This is a very nice and direct way to start a conversation ad you might hit two birds with the same stone. 

Most girls would be mesmerized by how eager you are to see them again, and if they like you, she will probably reach out. Click here to see how you can set up a date after getting her number.


Approaching a girl over a text can be quite stressful, especially when you don’t know what to say. However, with the help of various texting rules, you can create super impressive words effortlessly. Honestly, every girl is different and there is no specific formula for messaging them. Plus, whatever medium you choose be it SMS, Facebook or Instagram, what matters is the flow of the conversation. The worst mistake you can do is flood their inbox with a boring chat. Also, remember to keep it simple and avoid being too flirty. Flirting in the early stages of the talk may bring out a bad impression.