Entertain yourself with some top shows and movies like groundhog day

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Almost every other person in the present times is a movie buff, and those who are not much into movies these days are found exploring the world of entertaining shows. Fantasy comedy is one area that is liked by many people, and groundhog day is one of the favorites of those who love such movies and shows. 

Now, if you are one among those who have recently finished watching the movie groundhog day and now you are looking around for more such options to explore in the world of TV shows and movies, then you have just landed on the right page. Once you scroll down you will here get to read in detail about many other options for top shows and movies like groundhog day. 

The list of top movies like groundhog day

Don’t let go

This is an American movie released in the year 2019, directed by Jacob Estes. The story of movie revolves around a man whose family is murdered. All hell breaks loose in the movie when the man gets a call from his dead niece. 

don't let go

Deja Vu

The movie directed by Tony Scott starring Danzel Washington and Paula Patton was released in 2006. The story talks about an A.T.F. agent who starts off an out-of-the-box investigation regarding the case of a ferry bombing. The story takes a turn when the agent becomes obsessed with one of the blast victims.

Every Day

This 2018 release revolves around a shy teenager who falls for a spirit. The spirit is seen waking up in a different body every day. 

Shimmer Lake

This movie came out in the year 2017, directed by Oren Uziel, the story of the movie investigates three criminals. The movie is available for streaming on Netflix.

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The release year of the movie is 2013. The story of the movie talks about a young scientist who disappeared while he was on a business trip. In the movie, you will see the struggle of his wife and son as they try to find and bring him back home. 

Liar Liar 

The story of this 1997 release revolves around a liar lawyer, who is one fine day suddenly not able to lie anymore for at least 24 hours. This turns his whole career upside down, and a problematic situation arises. The movie is available on Amazon Prime.

The Map of tiny perfect things

This movie which came out in the year 2021, stars Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton. The story narrates the beautiful romance of a 17-year-old couple who is caught up in a time loop.

Source Code

This 2011 movie is a tale which talks about an army pilot who is forced into living 8 minutes again and again. Living those 8 minutes of life again and again is the only way out for protection against a terrorist attack. 

source code

The obituary of Tunde Johnson

Audience can get to watch this movie on Hulu, in this movie the main character keeps living the last day of his life repeatedly.

In the next segment of this blog post, we will further explore the shows like the movie groundhog day.

The list of some interesting shows like the movie groundhog day


This is a 3 season long show available for streaming on Netflix, the first two seasons contain 12 episodes each, and the third season has ten episodes.

The Dead Zone

This is an American- Canadian 6-season long series based on the book written by Stephen King. The story revolves around a man who was in a coma for six years. Now that he is back to life, he is shocked to see his love interest married to another man.

12 Monkeys

This is a story that revolves around a time traveller. He is set on a mission where he needs to save the world against a deadly plague that is life-threatening for humans.

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Russian Doll

This is a Netflix series revolving around a young lady who keeps going back to her 36th birthday again and again. But every time she tries to figure out why this is happening to her she dies before getting the answer to it.

The show was later served for the audience with a second season, too, which came out in April 2022. This time the story was more focused on time travel


So, this is the list of all shows and movies like groundhog day. If you are a person who loves science fiction and time travel stories, then this list discussed here holds all the entertainment you may need in a month for your everyday refreshment. Also, we all know very well that the entertainment industry is not dead yet, so we can be sure that there are more such movies and shows in the making process.