How to read someones Whatsapp messages without their phone?

how to read someones whatsapp messages without their phone

You may always want to know how to read someones Whatsapp messages without their phone. But isn’t it unethical? Even if it feels like, you should know that this is not always wrong.  

Why would you read someones WhatsApp messages?

There are several reasons why you may want to read someone else’s WhatsApp messages. However, make sure that it does not invade their privacy. Some of the prominent reasons why you will want to read the messages include 

  1. To check and determine the safety of your kids
  2. checking if your better half or partner is cheating on you. 
  3. To monitor your employees on whom you are suspicious and have a doubt that may be selling your company’s secrets. 

Can I check someones Whatsapp messages? 

You may always want to understand how to read someones Whatsapp messages without their phone. However, it is a bit unethical, which is why you should be careful. Checking someone’s WhatsApp message is not as easy as it appears. Since you will do it secretly, you need to ensure that you do it accordingly to get better results.  

If you want to know what is going behind your back, you will need to monitor their WhatsApp remotely. If you’ve always wanted to do this, but have no idea how to do it, let us help you.  

How to read someones Whatsapp messages without their phone? 

Several apps are available in the market to help you read someone’s Whatsapp messages without them knowing. The applications are available across iOS and Android so that you can get the best results. 


With the help of an app, you can read their messages on Android and iOS applications. Well, most of these applications need less than 10 minutes to be installed and not even 5 minutes if you have a high-speed internet connection. 

 Why should you download these apps? 

Downloading an app for reading someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. You can access an online dashboard and easily download the app. 


Here’s every benefit you can get from using an app for remotely reading someone’s WhatsApp messages. 

Read private messages

One of the most significant benefits of the app is you can easily track incoming and outgoing messages. Moreover, the messages contain a timestamp, so you will quickly know when these conversations are happening. 


Get access to group messages.

Do you want to check what is going on in the group? Well, it is time that you download the app that can help you check the group messages. The applications will allow you to monitor the group chat and activities.  

Download media files

You can download the media files easily. Do you want to see what they are sending out to others? Well, if you’re going to, you need the app. You can download these media files, from photos to videos. This plays a vital role in helping you understand who is cheating on you.  

Get hold of deleted messages.

Do you think that your child or partner is hiding something? If you feel that they are hiding something, you should download the app. With the help of the app, you can download or access all the messages that someone deleted. You can easily spy and determine the real-time impact. Furthermore, you must maintain the secrets. 


Are these apps paid or free? 

You don’t get anything for free in today’s time. Hence, most of these apps are paid. You can download these apps from the iOS store and Android for free, but you will need to check with them. You will have to pay for accessing the chats and other services. Make sure to register yourself as an account holder and proceed accordingly. 


What are some apps through which you can get access to these messages?

If you want to read someone else’s messages without their phone, you can download the iOS and Android Store applications. Although several apps promise to do the work for you, not every one of them can do it. Hence, you must choose one accordingly. 


Some of the popular apps that you can choose for monitoring someone else’s WhatsApp messages include



Over the years, Minspy has become one of the most popular platforms. This has indeed received significant recognition in the market. If reports are believed, this app is used in more than 190 countries and by millions of people. 


Several renowned resources like BBC, The Guardian, and The New York Times have hailed this to be one of the best apps for remotely reading someone’s WhatsApp messages. The app won’t even take 10 minutes to be installed and is available across iOS and Android. Hence, you can make a choice accordingly. 


It is entirely secure and is less than 2MB. As a result, you can be assured about the secret. However, if you are using it via iOS, you should know that it is a web-based application. You can also access it from various web browsers. 



Spyic is indeed another great platform to read someone’s messages. It is the best app having the parental control feature. As a result, you can keep a check on the activities of your tweens and teens. Furthermore, the application is available with various components; the WhatsApp monitor is one of the most popular ones. 


Spyic is extremely easy to use and can work like an absolute charm. It comes with a risk-free protection feature. You can easily monitor someone else’s messages without discovering what is over. Moreover, it also contains various other features such as location tracker, SMS viewer, apps checker, and more. You can remotely read the messages easily from your browser. 



It’s not tough to understand how to read someones messages without their phone. However, it would help if you had the proper tools so that you can access the features. 


If you ever doubt that anything suspicious is going around you, it is better to download the application right away. The application can indeed help to bring the difference, and so proceed accordingly.