How to track someone’s cell phone without them knowing

How to track someone's cell phone without them knowing

Do you want to track someone? If yes, then why don’t you use Cocospy Mobile Phone Tracker?

We are going to describe the three most effective ways to track someone else smartphone. In the end, we will give you are the liable solution to do it. So, stick to the end!

The Best Spyware

If you want to know how to track my daughter’s phone without her knowing? The answer is to install an app. You have to install a top of the line spyware app like Cocospy. This will help you track your target in real time. Cocospy is used and recommended by millions of users around the world. Moreover, top tech companies like CNET and Tom’s Hardware has received this app and recommend it.

How to Track Someone?

Tracking someone via their smartphone isn’t very tough; you need to find a way that works for you. There are many ways introduced that will help you keep tabs on someone you love and keep them out of harm’s way. Cell phone monitoring is done to track a cheating husband and to assure your children are safe.

We admit these aren’t the sanest reasons, but hey you have several ways to do it. Following we are going to explain three proven ways you can use to track someone:

Google Maps

This sounds hilarious, but yes you can track your daughter’s cellphone using Google Maps. This is a rather sneaky way to tap into someone’s cellphone location. But there is a minor issue; you will have to access the phone physical to set this up. Once you get access, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Maps App on their phone
  • Click on the menu and select location sharing
  • Click Share Real-Time Location until this is turned off
  • Select your phone to share this information with

Once you carry out these steps, you will be able to track their device.

How to track someone's cell phone without them knowing spyware

Cellar Plans

This might come off as a surprise, but you can track their location using a cellular company tracking plan. Yes, you can have their cellular network company track them for you.  Don’t worry, just proof that you are a parent and they will suffice you. Almost every major mobile network offers to suck tracking plans. This will help you keep tabs on all of your family members

You don’t need physical access to the device to set it up; the network company will do this for you. It’s a great way to track someone without them getting the gist of it. There are zero chances of them finding this out because you are not using any app.

Spying App

There are apps introduced in the smartphone market space. These tell you the location of a device with the easy track. You have to turn them on the target’s phone and use location settings.

Once done, you will start intercepting GPS signal. Make sure you turn on the location. This will help you see the live location of the target phone.

Wait, the story doesn’t end here. You can also view their texts, emails, call logs and much more. As these apps are hard to detect, the phone owner will have a hard time finding this app. So, it won’t give you away.

How to track someone's cell phone without them knowing man on phone

The reason we are describing Spyware as the best app for this job is it works even in the free version. Yes, you can track your daughter or son using the free version, but we recommend you better pay and get the premium version. It will help you make sure they are out of harm’s way.

This is a reliable app that doesn’t cost you a fortune if you want to get the premium version. The best thing about Cocospy is you don’t have to jailbreak or root your device. Just download and install it. You will need physical access to the target device for a few seconds so you can install the spyware on it.