Facetime for Android Explained in the Simplest Way

facetime for android
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Have you switched from iOS to Android? Do you want FaceTime on Android? Well, you can’t be so lucky to have FaceTime for Android. One of the most laborious tasks when shifting from iOS to Android is looking for a FaceTime substitute. It is hard because FaceTime is an application for video chatting and all iPhone users use this service.

There are many video calling apps on Android, but only some can participate with FaceTime in the video chatting space. We have got a list of the alternatives below. These options don’t create a proper facetime for android experience, but they make a great video chatting experience in their zone.

Best Alternatives of Facetime for Android

Since there is no facetime app on Android, here’s a list of the best alternatives of facetime for android download.

Google Duo- Much Like a Facetime for Android

facetime for android
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It is much like a FaceTime app on Android. It is a live chat service that is simple. When you unlock it, it relates to the phone number you use, and now you can call people. But, if you call someone from Duo, make sure that the person has a duo app.

The best thing about this app is that it is cross-platform, which means that your friends who use the iPhone can get on the site as well. It has some new features like knock-knock, by which you can see callers even before they pick up the call. This platform is free, easy, and works great.

Facebook Messenger

facetime for android
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This application is free and is the easiest way out or an alternative for FaceTime on Android download. Billions of individuals use Facebook. You can video chat with people. The app is extremely functional. It is cross-platform and works on Android, iOS, and desktop so that your friends can also join and have fun. Recently, messenger lite also launched the video chat feature, which you should try out once.


It is a free tool that is among the newest substitute of FaceTime and is better in most cases. The best part is that it encourages video chat with almost a hundred people at the same moment. This app has a simple UI with security features like chats with password protection and a driving mode for your safety.


Skype is the best alternative for FaceTime. Honestly, SKype is one of the best substitutes you could ever choose. Skype is a renowned app that is known for its popularity, stability, and many other features. You can voice call or text your contacts on the skype tool, which is free with a choice to purchase some time to call actual numbers. You can have a video chat with up to ten at a single time. It is the best app for video calling on Android.

Signal Private Messenger

It is an excellent alternative to FaceTime for people who seek privacy. It features group chats, voice calls, and video calls. The call clarity is perfect, and the band works incredibly. This tool is free and secure.


It is an excellent video calling service, which gives a decent and good video quality on every connection except a 2G connection. You get an option of doodling on the screen while chatting, sharing images, etc. It’s cross-platform, so your iOS friends can also join in to have some fun. Note that this app is free to use, and some themes and other features are needed to be purchased, which is optional. This is an excellent alternative for a facetime app on Android download.


It is another app that has been in the league for a long time. This app initially started as an app for calling only, but since then, it has graduated, and now it’s available to make video calls also. This app provides service to over 600 million users across the globe, which is highly impressive. You also get a feature on this app where you could check all the things happening worldwide. You can also get in-app purchases like stickers, but it is to talk up to you if you want to acquire it or not.


It is a messaging app, but it is very popular. It makes use of image chatting instead of ancient text chatting. However, video, voice AI, and text chats are also provided in the application. This application is wholly free of cost and comes under the AR functionality.

FaceTime for Android- Zoom

Zoom is a great and simplified cross-platform for video calling. It reflects itself in a way that everyone could use it. This tool supports video calling with almost 100 people at a single time. It also includes screen sharing, encryption, and other features. Zoom meetings are best preferred for businesses’ conference calls.

FaceTime for Android- WhatsApp

facetime for android
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This is one of the most well known and popular messaging services that is used around the globe. It is wholly free of cost and allows voice calls, video calls, and text chat with your friends.

FaceTime for Android- Tango

This app is a Facetime app on Android and is a substitute for users. You can interact with millions of people around the globe without using a cellular connection too. The application supports voice chats, video chats, and texts. The signup process is excellent and painless as the accounts are free. You can also get your friends on board. This application helps you send text messages and emails to friends and try to sign up. This is a reliable communication tool, unlike other devices.

FaceTime for Android- Imo

With this application, you could easily text or make voice and video calls to your near and dear ones. This app has a different and straightforward interface and supports group chats and speed image sharing too. You can also share stickers to add some spice to your conversations.


If security is your first and foremost solicitude when it comes to video calls, then these are the best alternatives to FaceTime for Android. There are many other alternatives to facetime, but this is our choice. However, we’d suggest you proceed with these alternatives of Facetime for Android download. You won’t regret it.