Gifts for Gamers: For Christmas, Birthdays, Or Just Because


The gamers in our lives can be difficult to buy gifts for. Gaming is a solitary experience, mostly. You do not get to share their hobby with them much, and when you see them playing, they are locked in. Do not despair though, as this gift guide is going to keep you covered all year long.

Get Them in the Game

Modern online gaming is a truly immersive experience and there is no more important tool in this trade than the gaming headset. They provide atmosphere through 3D sound effects and keep the lines of communication open between teammates as they take on their online foes. Invest in a top-of-the-line gaming headset for a great gaming gift.

Go Big or Go Home

Buy them a laptop or a computer. This is a big investment but sometimes you have to make a statement with your gift giving. Look for a laptop or PC from this Lenovo Intel graphics range so you know it has the performance they will need to play their favorite games. A gift like this is perfect for a teenage gamer who is ready to level up to a higher standard of gaming.

VR Is Virtually the Best Gift

Virtual reality gaming is growing exponentially. Just a few years ago the first mass-produced VR headset hit the market, and now they are rapidly becoming a must-have gadget for every home. Your gamer may enjoy sitting at their PC or console, tapping away for hours on end, but once they don the VR goggle and step into a virtual gaming world they may never go back to a joypad or keyboard and mouse.

Get Them the Gaming Chair They Need

A chair may not sound like much of a gift but to a gamer the throne they sit in to play is important. The gaming world has been flooded with sub-standard seating. Poorly designed and unergonomic chairs are everywhere, leaving many gamers with buyer’s remorse. 

Buy them something that was designed for the job of being sat in for eight or ten hours a day. Buy them an office chair. These are cheaper than gaming chairs, made of better materials, and much more comfortable over long periods of time.

Lights, Camera, Action

This is a great gift for a young gamer who is committed to the art of gaming. Buy them a streaming setup. The combination of a decent webcam, a ring light, and an impressive-looking microphone may be all they need to become the next streaming sensation. This can be a good value-for-money gift too. There are plenty to choose from which helps keep prices down and there is a strong secondhand market if you can upscale an old box to make it look like new.

Any one of these gift ideas is perfect for a gamer so you can make this list last all year and cover your bases for birthdays, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day. Next time you are stuck for a gift for a gamer, remember this list.