Exercise for your dog


Exercise has different effects on anyone. Don’t you feel more active after a stretching session? Don’t you think you are more positive after a twenty minutes meditation class? How do you think if your favorite aerobics class is missed for some hollow reason? Disturbed, right? These are also true for your fur-faced friend. 

Yes. A dog needs proper exercise to maintain his or her excellent health. The appropriate amount of exercise benefits both the mental and physical aspects of a dog’s health. If they do not get it, they often show negative energy and emotion. So, it would be best if you cared for your doggy’s need for physical activities to prevent him from getting all cranky. 

Why is exercise necessary for your dog?

It is not true that a dog is a happy dog if he or she eats and sleeps well. These balls of fur have to get some physical exercises to make them happy. And it is evident that after a small session of cute wiggle, they get insanely glad and composed. So you have to take your doggy for exercise. The primary reasons why your dog needs exercise are numerous. Here are some of them:

To get rid of negative energy:

Are you fed up with the little minx you have in your house? Do you often come home to a festival of shredded pillow fluff on the floor? Are you tired of running after your energetic doggo to get hold of his or her lease? Do people often see you sitting on the bench of the park panting heavily while your four-legged friend sits there with a devilish grin on the muzzle? It may be because your doggo is very energetic but not getting any opportunity to channelize the energy. Therefore, he or she is becoming the source of negative energy, which is externalized through these activities. A dog has to get an exercise regimen for channelizing the never-ending energy. If your dog gets enough of physical exhaustion, he or she might not engage in destructive things such as mentioned earlier. 


You must have seen overweight dogs. Have you wondered why they are fat? Have you seen them doing their exercise daily? You have not. It is because they do not get a bit of exercise daily. Inactive dogs are more prone to get fat than their active counterparts. And as for a human being, obesity is the reason for a bundle of diseases. A fat dog is prone to be affected by diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, and other orthopedic discomforts. Obesity can generate a significant respiratory problem for your friend, as well. So if you steer clear of obesity, you might avoid any complicated disease for your dog. 

The mental health of your fluff:

It is a proven fact that a dog is mentally happy after a decent exercise hour. He or she is calm and mild after exercise. Those huge ears are drooping, and the beady eyes look wider than ever. Without some stretching and twisting, a dog can get depressed. He or she might feel tired and lazy all day long. And trust me, your pooch enjoys the energy-packed exercise session to the heart. The exercise session is playtime for your dog. So, the exercise hour is a happy hour for your bundle of joy.

A place for exercise for your dog:

A suitable location for a dog’s exercise depends on the breed and age of the dog. A six-month-old beagle needs a vast ground to get rid of its excess energy, whereas an eight-year-old Lhasa needs a small place for its tiny exercise schedule. The probable sites for a dog to have exercise are-

Large ground:

A big dog has to be taken to a large field to run to and fro. A big ground allows the big doggo to be out of breath easily. A small dog will be too much exhausted if taken to a big ground for a run. So, depending on the size of the doggo, you can choose a land where you can play fetch-the-ball with your joyous friend. 

Swimming pool:

Swimming is also a very tiring activity for a dog. Moreover, most of the dogs love to splash water with their cute little paws. So, your dog is both happy and active if you go for a swimming session on a summer day. What else is needed if you can spend an entire summer day with your best friend in a fancy swimming pool? Let’s do it once.

Your home:

You can’t take your pooch out for exercise every day. You can specify a place for his or her daily exercise needs. It can be the back yard of your house. The terrace serves the right place for it as well. Make sure the place is open and airy. Your fanatic friend will be running and wiggling around the whole place. So, make sure there is nothing expensive around which can fall and break. You might also remove any object that might hurt the paws of your precious buddy. 

Now, it is said that a tired dog is a good dog. So, whatever your schedule may be, take your dog for long and long walks. Let him or her run a reasonable distance every day. Let him or her help you in daily chores, such as fetching the newspaper, handing you things while you are working, or closing the freezer after you take out tons of food in your hands. Running down the stairs several times is also helpful for your dog. 

Remember, your little wagging-tail happy-face friend is an innocent goof. You have to trick him or her into doing physical activities suited to the need. So, any persistent activity will do. For new experiences, you can try hiking or trekking through the hills around your city. Thus, you and your doggo get refreshed. Your little goof is positively active in physical labor. And, see the wagging tail! That is all you need for a good day.