How to choose the perfect shades for your face


A beautiful pair of sunglasses adds considerably to the overall look of a person. However simple outfit you may be wearing, a classy pair of shades will make you look fashionable. Just imagine how a couple of glasses would work magic with your simple white shirt and blue denim. These bad boys can make your look go from the girl next door to the star walking down the red carpet. So, it would be best if you had a classic pair of sunglasses which will bring out the best features of your appearance.

However, people often get confused while shopping for shades. Sometimes, we have heard people regretting that shades do not go well with their faces. It is not valid. The fact is, not every face goes with every shape and size of sunglasses. This article is here to save you from the eternal confusion of a fashion aspirant. Here are some cool tips about a variety of face shapes and glass shapes. So before bagging a weird pair of shades, you should know how to select the best-suited pair for your face.

How do you know the shape of your face?

You can tell the shape by merely looking at a face. However, to be more accurate, here is a trick to follow. It would be best if you had an erasable marker or a lipstick and a mirror on a wall. Next, stand one foot away from the mirror and trace your face on the mirror with the lipstick or the marker. Be careful not to stray. Then go further from the mirror and see the outline you have drawn of your face. Now, you know the actual shape of your face.

For a round face:

The round-faced girls are the sweetest of all. They have chubby and fleshy cheeks. Their face lacks prominent features. And their faces do not have pointed ends. If you have a round face, you should choose a pair of glasses that will create an illumination of a lengthy face (the face’s length is bigger than its width).

  •      Best shades:

Cat’s eyes glasses, butterfly glasses, Aviators, glasses with pointed sides, rectangular glasses, and Wayfarer glasses are suitable for a rounded face. These shapes try to lengthen a round face. Try to select frames with darker sides so that your face gets natural contouring. Avoid wearing a circular structure; it will make your face appear rounder. Also, avoid glasses that will cover your eyebrows. Glasses with a triangular shape, colored lenses, and narrow frames are also not your best chance.

For an oval shape:

An oval face is a perfect face forever. You can wear just about anything and look gorgeous with an oval face. If you have an oval-shaped face, you might notice that the length of your face is slightly bigger than the width. You have strongly visible cheekbones. The cheekbones are responsible for forming the most comprehensive portion of your face. The chin has a rounded shape. You can choose from a wide array of sunglasses if you have an oval face.

  •      Best shades:

You have a perfectly harmonious proportion in the face. You should avoid doing anything to disturb the harmony that does magic for your face. Avoid glasses that have massive frames. In common with the best glasses for a round face, an oval face looks best in a pair of Aviator glasses, Butterfly glasses, and Cat’s eyes glasses. However, too wide or too massive frames would not bring your best features. So, you better steer clear of those items.

For a square face:

You have a square face if your face has almost identical length and width. You can see that you have an almost straight hairline. The prominent jawlines are the best features of your face. It is for your jawline you do not need any external contouring. Your face has an angular and broad chin. For such a face as this, you should select shades that have comparatively rounded sides rather than pointed sides. This way, you can create a balance to your overtly square face.

  •      Best shades:

Large glasses with round or oval-shaped frames are the perfect match for your flattering jawline. You can go with teardrop-shaped frames or Cat’s eyes glasses. Aviators are also suitable for you. Since your face has a good outline, unlike a round face, you can also try frameless or rimless glasses. Remember, your sunglasses should have a width that is the same as your face width. On the other hand, glasses with full rim (fuller than your face), sharp angular ends, petite frames will look weird on your square face.

For a rectangular face:

An oblong face is similar to an oval face, but it has more angular features. The length of a rectangular face is more significant than its width. The width of the jawline, cheekbones, and forehead is the same. The hairline of a rectangular face is straight, and the chin has a broad appearance. While looking for a pair of sunglasses for a rectangular face, you need to make sure that your face looks more comprehensive with the frame.

  •      Best shades:

Large and massive structures are best for a rectangular face. Classical frames like Aviators look good if the frames are huge and make your face look broader. The glasses can be transparent. Slender frames will also look lovely on your bony face. Well, colorful frames may not be the best choice for you.

There are so many stores that offer you a plethora of stylish sunglasses. It would be best if you chose a perfect frame for your face. Apart from the appearance, you might also care for the quality of the glasses. There are several options like UV protection, scratch protection, and others. So, you have to select the best possible pair or pairs for you minutely. A pair of shades is not only a summer thing, but it is also designed for the protection of your precious eyes. Therefore, you have to take good care while shopping.

So, ladies, with summer approaching, get your coolest accessory to showcase around the sunny town!