How to choose the best dog for you


Do you love to cuddle? Do you like to play? And, do you need a caring one to share every feeling with? Well, if no human can cater to your needs, some small guys would love to. Dogs! Yes. The four-legged friends are always happy to lie sluggishly and cuddle in your bed, eager to play fetch-the-ball with you, and stare and give understanding dog-nods once in a while when listening to your deep secrets in private. However, you cannot just take any doggo home. You have to consider several facts before you add the most precious member to your family. For instance, you cannot come home with a giant Saint Bernard if you have a studio apartment clogged with a hundred pieces of furniture. Here are some breeds which can be suitable for your distinctive need. Let’s have a look, humans.

For a small house:

Many of us live in an apartment. So, if you want to carry home a pup, you have to make sure that it is suitable for your small place. According to your needs, a little dog is best suited for you. A little dog is more comfortable to train. Your small apartment gives sufficient space for your small friend to have enough exercise. A tiny dog can run around the studio and get a good sweat, but a big dog would possibly collide with every possible thing in the studio. Ouch! You would not want that to happen. So,

You can bring home a beagle. They are cute, active, and friendly in general. However, they are loud barkers.

Indian Spitz is tiny, attractive, and perfect for a nuclear family. They are small but have guts to pick a bad fight with bigger dogs.

However, if you often have parties in your cave, a Shih Tzu is the one you have to get. They are very social by nature. They are adorable and expressive. And, if you do not want to be alone for a second, a Shih Tzu is your guy, as it would follow you even to hell. Isn’t it cute?

A Chihuahua is an absolute delight. They are loyal, charming, and alert to every sound around your place. However, petting a Chihuahua can be a little much if you are a job person. They are always wagging their short tails for playing more. You may be tired of throwing the ball, but they are still ready to run with their menacing eyes and erect ears.

A Poodle, Pomeranian, Lhasa, can also be the one to take a nap with you in your little place. These tiny buttons will always sneak around to enliven your flat.

For your kids:

If you want your child to grow around a pawed friend, you can go for a Golden Retriever. These golden angels are affectionate, smart, and cheerful. They love to play retrieving games. So, you don’t have to worry if your kid does not find a human friend to play with. Paw Patrol to the rescue!

Your kids would probably fall in love with a bulldog. Could you not go for their eternal grumpy face? They are incredibly patient around new people, making them good with the friends of your kiddo. They have a sturdy exterior, which makes them perfect for outdoor ventures with kids.

If you want your kid to be a daring one, you can bring a husky home to grow up with your kid. A Siberian husky is no pet for a timid owner. Their blue eyes are the storehouse of affection that can bind you forever. They are caring. They are highly intelligent. That is why they would be fast to detect any danger for your child.

Newfoundland is a breed of enormous size. At first sight, people may be intimidated by these big black fur balls. However, they are one of the gentlest breeds of dogs. They are great swimmers, so they are helpful in any pool emergency. These buddies, with their massive presence and tiny biddy eyes, can be the best friend your kid wants to have.

For working couples:

A dog is like a child. If you do not give enough time to your pet, it may feel lonely. The unfortunate thing might get depressed if he does not share time with his human parents. It would be a disheartening thing to see your little ball of joy getting all shabby. So, if you and your spouse are both working, you might want to know which dogs can be left alone without worsening effects.

If you want a mellow dog, you can get a senior dog. An older dog is less active and spends much time sleeping. However, you have to make sure that it has fewer medical issues. Whenever you leave home, a senior dog is not aggressive or anxious to get you back. It may drool around and look outside of the window with its large appreciating eyes and philosopher’s face. They are mature. Aren’t they?

In general, the best “home alone” dogs are Maltese, Grey Hound, Basset Hound, Shar Pies, whippet, and many more. These dogs are independent, passive, and sleepy. These snowballs are suitable for a working couple because they have a low energy level. So, you do not have to take them to a long walk to exhaust their energy. They will be fine sleeping with their paws beside their wet nose until you get home. These dogs are so sleepy that you might hardly find a place for you on your sofa.

Most of the time, people make bad decisions about petting a dog. They often end up selecting the wrong breed for their home. Sometimes, they cannot take proper care and leave these unhappy fellows at shelters. It cannot be your attitude towards these bundles of happiness. If you adopt a dog, you have to be careful to treat it like the most spoilt child of your house. If they are ready to be your best friends, you should also try to be the one who deserves them.

A house is not complete without its canine members. So, go human go and grab your share of this heavenly love.