Planning A Trip To The Walt Disney World, Florida


Holiday time is a great moment for you and your family to unwind and enjoy life away from home. Whether you stay at Florida or you are planning to visit this magical state for the first time, there’s a lot of best things to do and mystic attractions to see during a trip to the Walt Disney world. However, I know you might be feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing and could be you don’t know how to get started.

Here are some amazing hacks to make your Disney world vacation to Florida hassle-free and make the most of your holidays.

How To Plan And Prepare A Trip To The Walt Disney World, Florida

Disney world vacation requires in-depth preparation compared to a Disneyland trip. With proper preparation, you can make what seems a real tasking job to be the most simplified task. Don’t take it for a joke, taking a notebook, a pen and a binder or some folders and start getting organized with your trip preparations.

Unquestionably, there are some handy things you need to know about Florida and of course a Disney world trip. If stress-free vacation is all you informed planning should be your key thing.

  • Plan ahead
  • Pick a date
  • Choose unique attractions
  • Have a daily schedule
  • Choose dining options
  • Choose where to stay
  • Buy tickets or buy tickets for dining and hotel reservations

How Long Should My Disney World Trip Be?

For you to get the most out of your Disney world trip, at least make it 4-5 days. Why? You got a chance to visit the four Disney world theme parks.  Whether you are planning to have a solo trip or family tour to the US, nothing can make everyone feel the enjoyment than the amusement at the Disney parks.

A trip to the Walt Disney World must not break your bank. The most essential bit is to seek for ways to save money during your next vacation. You can do this by planning for your trip during off-peak seasons. At such occasions, most hotels and attractions give discounted rates than during peak seasons. Flight rates too are cheaper and this can help you save a lot and achieve more for less.

How To Complete Paperwork

As an international traveller, do I need to apply for ESTA? The next big thing to do to become an eligible first time traveller is to get the legal permission to tour Florida. Plan to join millions of tourists who tour Florida every year by using ESTA program. This guarantees you a relaxed Visa-free travel at a little fee.

If you are an eligible traveller from VWP country, you can apply for ESTA and be sure to check ESTA application within 7 days after submitting your application. Ensure you have n approved and authorized Electronic System for Travel Authorization before leaving your home country whether by sea or air. You need this when planning to visit Florida for tourism, medical or business purposes. This electronic system is valid for 180 days where you can visit FL for 90 days or less per visit.

To apply for ESTA, you need acceptable forms of identification such as photo ID and State driver’s license that meet the requirements of Military ID & USA passport. ESTA helps non-US citizens or those who have lost or forgotten ID to have an easy access to the state of Florida.

How Do You Really Want Your Vacation To Look Like?

Planning for a dream tip to the Walt Disney World can be everything you make it to be. It all begins with your imaginations. Write down how you want your flight, hotel, nightlife and everything to be. Remove what seems unnecessary and focus on what makes sense to you most.

For you to stay organized when planning for your Disney world tour, put your budget together and go for the package that works for you. It might be tricky to tell exactly what the Disney world trip is going to cost you but having an estimate figure helps you with proper planning. Carry extra cash to help you do shopping for your family or cater for emergencies.

The Three Key Things To Plan

To make your trip to the Walt Disney World, the three key things to plan first are flight, hotels and to complete your ESTA application. Knowing the pricing for each helps you plan your budget with ease. Have specific dates for your trip so that you can do booking in advance. Consider your work or school schedule and find convenient dates when you can travel with no worries.

What To Know About The Walt Disney World

It is important to know what Disney world has for you for you to know what to expect.

  • Four theme parks
  • Two water parks
  • Sprawling shopping district

Visiting Disney world during spring is an amazing season where you can enjoy things like half marathon weekends, international Art festivals, garden festivals and more. Check out to see what’s more for your Disney world trip 2019.